The Broken iMac Pro Controversy, Amazon’s Fire TV Edition – TMO Daily Observations 2018-04-19

John Martellaro and Dave Hamilton joins Jeff Gamet to discuss the controversy surrounding an iMac Pro Apple reportedly isn’t fixing, plus they look at the viability of Amazon’s new Fire TV Edition.

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2 thoughts on “The Broken iMac Pro Controversy, Amazon’s Fire TV Edition – TMO Daily Observations 2018-04-19

  • You speculated in the podcast that, if Apple had just gone ahead and fixed it for Linus, then Linus’ positive feedback would be better PR for Apple. I’ve seen every LTT video featuring an Apple device and Linus never has anything positive to say about Apple devices/computers. I believe that, even if Apple had fixed it for free, he’d still find a way to say something negative about Apple and Mac users.

  • Even how they showed on that youtube video how the screen broke is fake if you ask me since no one would try to put a screen on or off with the iMac standing up. Mainly since you need to connect or disconnect the video/display cables and its impossible to do with the iMac standing up since you don’t have enough hands.

    He also mentioned power supply troubles so I think more damage was done. He also stated apple had it but then told them to come pick it up after refusing to fix it. So apple probably discovered further damage was done by Linus.

    If this was a problem any other user had, and just took it to apple I’m sure things would of been fine. But when you take apart something for views on youtube and treat the device in such a careless manner, I don’t think you should expect that Apple will have your back covered. Anyone who watches that youtube channel knows how rough Linus is with his things.

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