The Goodies in iOS 10.3, Net Neutrality on the Chopping Block – ACM 395

iOS 10.3 is out in beta, and it has some fun new goodies. Bryan and Jeff look at what they think is most interesting. Net Neutrality is also on the chopping block, one of those situations where politics and technology intersect in annoying ways.

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One thought on “The Goodies in iOS 10.3, Net Neutrality on the Chopping Block – ACM 395

  • A few points on Net Neutrality:

    1) All of you examples of the problems Net Neutrality solves are hypothetical and none of these horror seemed to be happening before the Net Neutrality rule was put in place.

    2) Fascism is not a terribly well defined term but I would think someone who describes themselves as pedantic that deregulation (even one we don’t like) is not fascism.

    3) At least one downside to the Net Neutrality rules is that many people believe the Zero rating t-mobile does for video and music violates Net Neutrality. This has been a boon to those of us with kids who do a ton of video streaming, The arguments against the zero rating seems to be some sort of philosophical camel’s nose under the tent argument.

    4) You and I may disagree with with Ajit Pai but he is generally regarded as a smart thoughtful person even by many who violently disagree with him.

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