Backups vs. iCloud vs. Time Machine – Mac Geek Gab 668

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Ever wonder how to test an external battery? Ever want to enforce parental controls from afar? Ever wonder just how different Time Machine and iCloud are from normal backups? Well, your two favorite geeks discuss all this and a LOT more in today’s episode. Press play and enjoy!

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One thought on “Backups vs. iCloud vs. Time Machine – Mac Geek Gab 668

  • Few things i wanted to mention.

    iCloud dont backup voice memo / recording. I have no idea why. And this is only backed up if you use iMazing or iTunes.
    iCloud Backup does not guarantee to be successful. While that was nearly 4 years ago now, the iCloud Backup said was corrupted and I was totally lucky i had an iTunes Backup.
    Does Time Machine do Check Sum with the Backup files and original ?
    And Time Machine does not protect against HDD failure. ( It is only 1 HDD )
    I really wish there is an iCloud Proxy; Or Time Capsule for iOS with the Time Capsule itself being backed up to iCloud Drive. What do you think of this idea?

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