Mispronouncing “Bondi” – Mac Geek Gab 814

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What’s bloating up your hard drive? Why is your Bluetooth mouse still draining? Which 13″ MacBook should you get? All these questions are answered, and more. John and Dave are here to ensure you get the answers you need, in the way you need them. And that’s not all, they talk through a few ways of managing multiple Apple IDs, 10G Ethernet, macOS 10.15.5, plus Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and more. Press play to listen and learn at least five new things along with your two favorite geeks!

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Show Notes

We're not embedding the video here this week because voice and video got out of sync due to a bug in mimoLive, the software we've been using to stream. The good news is that we have a workaround for next week. THAT said, if you want to see this week's video, it is available over at YouTube, as usual. Facebook, as well. Don't say we didn't warn you. And thank you for your patience. You deserve better...and WE WILL DELIVER! (next week!). Note: Shownotes are complete!

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One thought on “Mispronouncing “Bondi” – Mac Geek Gab 814

  • Dave, you mentioned that Amazon’s A-Lady does not work with automating the Wyze lightbulbs. I can use my echo dots to turn on and off my Wyze bulbs. Once I install them using the Wyze app, I just enabled a Wyze skill in the Amazon Alexa app.

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