Media Monday: Apple TV and AppleTV and Apple TV+ – TMO Daily Observations 2020-05-11

John Martellaro and Charlotte Henry join host Kelly Guimont to discuss Apple TV boxes, Apple TV apps, and the Apple TV+ streaming service.

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3 thoughts on “Media Monday: Apple TV and AppleTV and Apple TV+ – TMO Daily Observations 2020-05-11

  • I don’t know how to come across as anything but angry and possibly an apologist but that was the stupidest assessment of AppleTV, TV, and AppleTV plus I have ever heard. There may be a point to some confusion? Maybe? But the idea that the interface is poor in comparison to Netflix is stupid and misguided. Netflix is a channel and the simplest channel there is but yet the sheer quantity of content can make finding things you want to watch a chore.
    The TV app that exists on numerous devices (including AppleTV media streamers) is a content aggregation tool for multiple channels of content. It attempts to bring forward everything I’m watching on CBS All access, Hulu, Amazon Prime, AppleTV Plus, HBO, the History Channel, The discovery Channel, Epix, and others, and it does an amazing job of it. But it is hamstrung by the fact that Netflix currently will not integrate with it. So fine I have 2 interfaces, the TV app and Netflix and over time netflix is loosing for me.
    You can see why this is not a reasonable comparison for ease of use. One is doing so much more and apple has tried to make it easier by offering Cable single signOn but not everyone will support it, so if it works for you it is nice but if not it is a pain. There is so much more I want to yell about (John? patten’s that limit user interface? really you think it is designed wrong because of patten’s?) but I’ll just close with the one thing that will ether really open your eyes or make you completely dismiss me as a fanboy!
    The siri remote is amazing! Yes, it should be easier to tell up from down (buy a wrist strap for it and presto) but navigating through tiles with a button remote vs that touch pad it is not even close which works better. So if you can get past the fact that it makes you feel stupid because you will not keep track of it or because it is always upside-down you will realize that you keep grabbing for it even though you can use any number of pushbutton remotes in it’s place, because it works.

    PS the only thing better than the siri remote is the remote on your iPhone or iPad. Now please sit down and talk over your points a bit before you get on the air so you don’t sound so clueless on every episode. I don’t have time to rant about everything you all talk about every day.

  • I enjoy the show, and have gotten used to Kelly Guimont’s goof-giggly approach.

    But the more I hear John Martellaro, the more he sounds like a really unpleasant person. Of all the guests who appear on the show, he seems to be the one who is I least like to hear from; it actually fills me with a sense of dread about what grumpy old thing he’ll say. But his is a useful perspective, I suppose. I’d like to know what his critiques are about “For All Mankind” as I have tried to watch the show but haven’t quite latched on to.

    Charlotte Henry is a joy to hear, but every time I hear a reference to age, I’m taken aback. She sounds like a much older person. Must be a British thing.

    I also enjoy Bryan Chaffin’s and Dave Hamilton’s visits to the show.

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