Social Media, Hands On with AirPods Pro, Apple Content Bundles, with John Kheit – ACM 524

John Kheit joins Bryan Chaffin to discuss social media, mob rule, and the 1st Amendment. Yikes! They also talk about their hands-on experience with AirPods Pro and look at Apple’s content pricing and whether or not the company is likely to offer more bundles for its content (spoiler: no!).

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One thought on “Social Media, Hands On with AirPods Pro, Apple Content Bundles, with John Kheit – ACM 524

  • I would hate to let facts get in the way of punditry but:

    1) Did either of you watch any of the Apple TV shows before commenting on them? I have watched initial episodes of See, The Morning Show, and Dickinson. See and the Morning Show weren’t great but their problems had nothing to do with being “too nice”. Dickinson I found entertainingly weird but again, seemingly not concerned with being “too nice”.

    2) Not a big fan of twitter but as near as I can tell if 15% – 30% of what John sees there is inciting people to harm others then he is following the wrong people. According too a study by Amnesty International 7% of the tweets to their sample of female journalists and politicians. This seems disturbingly high but it’s not 15% and this group probably sees more toxic stuff on twitter than most.

    I don’t see much value in calls for a national conversation but I do think it is fair to say Twitter played a big role in getting people talking about both #metoo and #blacklivesmatter.

    Regarding doxing, a question, does publishing information that is public but not widespread count? Was Joaquin Castro tweeting a list of donors to Trump doxing? Should it be illegal? I assume he didn’t want people assaulted but I also assume he would be happy for their businesses to be boycotted.

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