Apple’s New Event Style, Apple TV Gaming – TMO Daily Observations 2020-10-14

John Martellaro and Andrew Orr join host Kelly Guimont to discuss the new style of Apple Events, and what Apple TV 4K upgrades would be best.

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One thought on “Apple’s New Event Style, Apple TV Gaming – TMO Daily Observations 2020-10-14

  • I saw one commenter call the digital event – “a confusing mess of the same product x 4 and a little crappy speaker”. While I was pleasantly surprised with iPhone12, especially the ProMax differentiation and the price of the mini HomePod, I had to agree with the confusing mess part.
    The point of a (live) presentation is to feed the information to the listener at a pace at which they can assimilate it. Apple’s famous/usual finesse at doing this has been absent from this year’s digital events. Audience reaction not only gives the audience time to assimilate, but lets the presenter know how they’re going with the process – they missed that, I’d better slow down, etc. Absent this feedback, a poorly edited barrage of information with technically clever but unhelpful (annoying) cutscenes, presumably to appeal to the gamer crowd (a group Apple really knows well), did not serve the message well.
    Compressing 2 hours of information into 1 hour isn’t working either, Apple. Where’s Jobs when you need him?
    Live commenters were struggling to keep up, and beat-the-competition podcasts had the information confused or incomplete.
    Plus so much 5G smoke I couldn’t breathe. (Are we sure the big V hasn’t gone some CDMA-like sub6 route that – go big, go first – is expected to cover?)
    And as a Bond fan, I was not so impressed with the suitcase gag (I did).
    40% faster iPhone chips each year sound more like Intel than I’d like, for the future of Apple Silicon Macs.
    (Truth be told, MacBook Air has been getting slower every iteration for at least 8 years, so maybe I should be thankful Apple can get 40% improvement/year. Remember when the 68xxx Macs were 2 or 4 times as fast as the previous model?? because less than 4 times faster, you wouldn’t notice. That stopped with the Intel generation didn’t it?)

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