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Apple Context Machine is a weekly in-depth look at Apple and the tech world from Bryan Chaffin, editor-in-chief of The Mac Observer with special guests from the tech world.

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iCloud Issue, NFC Tags, Smart Home Friction Point, w/Jeff Gamet - ACM 545

Apr. 9th, 2021 - 11:25 PM | 00:57:24

Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet dig deep into smart home tech and home automation, starting with an iCloud account issue Jeff had with a new HomePod mini. They also discuss NFC tags, a home automation friction point Bryan has experienced, and other aspects of smart...

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  1. May. 30th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Apple at Cannes, Essential Reality, 2nd HomePod and AirPlay 2 vs. Soundbar – ACM 464

    Apple Senior Vice President Angela Ahrendts is going to be interviewed at Cannes Lions, but the person interviewing her is an Apple employee. Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet think that's a little weird. In hindsight, they also think it's weird that Andy Rubin thought he could make money making Android hardware, an Essential(ly) bad idea. In the third segment, Jeff helps Bryan spend money when picking between a 2nd HomePod and a soundbar now that AirPlay 2 is here.

  2. May. 23rd, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Twitter Insanity, Apple’s AI Showdown, FBI Exaggeration, Apple’s HQ Hunt – ACM 463

    Twitter has lost its corporate mind, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet argue in this episode of ACM. They also weigh the importance of WWDC 2018 in terms of Siri, and discuss whether or not Apple has to announce significant improvements to remain competitive in AI. Then there's the revelation that the FBI exaggerated the number of locked iPhones it couldn't get into, and they squeeze in a fourth topic, too: Apple's hunt for a new campus, and how it contrasts with Amazon.

  3. May. 16th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Senate Net Neutrality, Nader’s Whiff, Jony Watchman – ACM 462

    The U.S. Senate passed legislation that would restore Net Neutrality in the country, but Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet explain why they don't think it will go any further. They also break down Ralph Nader's kind-of-weird whiff in complaining about Apple's share buyback program. They cap the show with a look at how Sir Jony Ive is a watch-man, though Steve Jobs wasn't involved with Apple Watch.

  4. May. 9th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Share Buybacks and Apple’s Future, Same Old Facebook, Google Duplex – ACM 461

    Warning, this one went long: Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet discuss what Apple's share buybacks say about Apple's future. They also weigh WhatsApp's founder leaving Facebook, and what it says about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. They go over when diving into Google Duplex, a demonstration that was as awesome as it was devoid of real value.

  5. May. 2nd, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    The Myth of the Failing iPhone X and Other Earnings Report Notes – ACM 460

    Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet discuss the myth of the failing iPhone X, where that myth comes from, how it's sustained, and how Apple's own data says otherwise. They also talk about how Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri tried to dispel those reports during Apple's quarterly conference call with analysts. They also look at the indicators that HomePod, on the other hand, isn't doing well, and Tim Cook's continued insistence on focusing on sound quality when we really want a capable home assistant. They cap the show with some perspective on just how much money Apple is paying out to shareholders.

  6. Apr. 25th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Amazon Cyberpunk King, Tim’s State Dinner, GrayShift Pudding – ACM 459

    In this episode, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet talk about how Amazon has quietly become the Cyberpunk king. They also discuss Tim Cook's choice of dinner companions for the White House's state dinner, and how Grayshift's data breach is the proof in the pudding that backdoors and cracks get mishandled.

  7. Apr. 19th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Cybersecurity Tech Accord, Cyberwar Is Now, Social Network Inertia – ACM 458

    In this episode, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet dissect the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, a pledge by 34 tech companies to do something vague and unlikely. The timing for the announcement is somewhat interesting because we are in the middle of an undeclared shadow cyberwar. They cap the show analyzing what it might take for any new social network to supplant Facebook.

  8. Apr. 11th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Mac Keyboards, Trusting Facebook, and Being Profitable and Green – ACM 457

    In this episode, Bryan and Jeff discuss Mac keyboards, and what they like about clicky, long-throw keyboards, including the Azio Classic Retro BT keyboard Bryan just reviewed. They also go through a thought experiment on whether Facebook could ever earn our trust on privacy by radically reshaping their policies. They cap the show with a look at how Apple manages to be profitable and green, both.

  9. Apr. 4th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Mark Zuckerberg vs. Tim Cook, Apple’s New AI Chief, and Making HomeKit Great – ACM 456

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been trading public barbs on privacy, and Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet discuss the public tiff. They also discuss Apple's hiring of Google's former head of artificial intelligence and what it might mean for Siri (hint: good things!). They cap the show with a look at what it would take to make HomeKit the premier home automation platform.

  10. Mar. 28th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Talking to an E-Learning Teacher about Apple and EdTech – ACM 455

    Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet are joined by Laura Bain, E-Learning Coordinator at a private school in Brisbane, Australia, to talk about Apple and the "Let's Take a Field Trip" event. They discuss what it's like in the trenches of E-Learning, including the ongoing battle between Apple, Google, and Microsoft. You've been hearing a lot of tech pundits talk about Apple and education, but this conversation has a voice from the trenches.

  11. Mar. 21st, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    The Facebook Dance, Autonomous Cars, and our AI Future – ACM 454

    Bryan and Jeff discuss the ongoing #deletefacebook discussion and whether it's a tempest in a teapot. They also talk about autonomous vehicles, regulation, and our future with driverless cars, and also our future with artificial intelligence.

  12. Mar. 14th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Spinner Madness, Apple’s Best Products, and WWDC Tea Leaves – ACM 453

    In this episode, Bryan Chaffin leads Jeff Gamet down into the ugly underbelly of FSM, or Fidget Spinner Madness. You can blame Mitsubishi if you want. They also talk about what TMO's staff thinks were recent great Apple products and read the WWDC tea leaves. Does the WWDC website really mean anything?

  13. Mar. 7th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Paper Airplanes, Creepy Movie App Tracking, Voice Assistant Wars – ACM 452

    In this episode, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet geek out on paper airplanes, or more properly, powered paper airplanes! They also talk about MoviePass location tracking and the voice assistant wars (spoiler, not all home voice assistants are equal).

  14. Feb. 28th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Apple Enters Medicine, Vero Viability, Cellebrite Insecurity – ACM 451

    Apple is entering into the business of medicine, and Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet explore the ramifications of this momentous development. They also discuss whether or not the Vero social network is viable, as well as Cellebrite's claim that it can open up most iOS devices.

  15. Feb. 22nd, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    The Spotify Platform Problem, Tim Cook Insights, and Apple TV Gaming – ACM 450

    Bryan and Jeff talk about the Spotify Platform problem and the problems facing any independent music streaming service. They also talk about the things they learned from Tim Cook's interview with Fast Company, and whether or not Apple is signaling a bigger play in Apple TV gaming.

  16. Feb. 14th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Inside Apple’s Shareholder Meeting, Profiling Hypocrisy, and HomePod Isn’t a Wiretap – ACM 449

    Bryan and Jeff go inside Apple's annual shareholder meeting, and talk about the things that seemed to get Tim Cook excited. A listener also calls them out for being hypocrites on ad profiling, and they talk about how Apple's new HomePod isn't a home wiretap.

  17. Feb. 7th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Can Social Media Be Humane, Smartwatch Diabetes Detection, and Nice Apple Content – ACM 448

    Can social media be "humane," or is the push for addictive platforms just par for the course? Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet discuss The Center for Humane Technology's push for reform. They also talk about Cardiogram's ability to detect diabetes from Apple Watch activity data, and they talk about Apple's penchant for avoiding dark and edgy content.

  18. Jan. 31st, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    DOJ/SEC Investigate Throttlegate, Facebook Google Doom, New Macs in 2018 – ACM 447

    The DOJ and the SEC are investigating Apple's Throttlegate controversy, and Bryan and Jeff think it won't go well for Apple. They also talk about Facebook, Google, and social media, and recent comments from philanthropist and political activist George Soros predicting their demise. They close the show with the implications of rumors that say Apple has three Macs coming out this year with Apple coprocessors.

  19. Jan. 24th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    13″ MacBook Wish List and Why Bitcoin Uses So Much Electricity – ACM 446

    Rumor has it that Apple is going to release a new entry level 13" MacBook. Bryan and Jeff discuss how it might fit in Apple's Mac product line, and what they would like to see in such a device. They also talk about Bitcoin mining and why it uses so much electricity, as well as the roles cryptocurrencies could play in our lives.

  20. Jan. 17th, 2018
    Apple Context Machine Podcast
    Deep Dive on Apple’s Tax Announcement, Jeff and Bryan Hypocrisy, and Apple Security – ACM 445

    Apple made some major announcements about taxes, investments, and the company's five year plan for contributions to the U.S. economy, and Bryan and Jeff take  a deep dive into what it all means. They also examine their own potential for hypocrisy in criticizing Apple's smarthome strategy. The cap the show with a listener comment about the Mac App Store security bug.