Apple gets the Upper Hand on Qualcomm Thanks to Intel's CDMA Chips

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple can now buy iPhone CDMA chips from Qualcomm and Intel

Now that Intel is making cell phone radio chips that support CDMA as well as GSM, Apple can source more than just Qualcomm for CDMA-compatible iPhones. That doesn’t, however, mean Qualcomm is about to lose its Apple contract. Instead, Apple has two suppliers it can rely on.

Apple Working on Custom Mac Chips to Cut Reliance on Intel

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple custom-designed processors coming to the Mac

Apple is reportedly working to scale back its reliance on Intel for MacBook and MacBook Pro chips by designing its own ARM-based processor. The Apple-designed chip will handle low power functions such as Power Nap, and could be a step towards abandoning Intel at some point in the future.

Don't Count on Kaby Lake Processors in the New MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro without Kaby Lake processor

With Intel’s Kaby Lake processors shipping and the MacBook Pro woefully overdue for a refresh, Apple could skip over Skylake and roll out new laptops with the latest chips—except that isn’t going to happen. Instead, Apple will most likely retire the aging Haswell chips it currently uses and finally move on to Skylake, and the really significant processor change won’t come until 2018 with Cannonlake.

Intel Could Vie for Apple's Chip Business with New ARM License

· Bryan Chaffin · Analysis

Apple Processor with

Apple might have a new source for manufacturing the company’s Ax line of ARM processors: Intel. Bloomberg reported that Intel has licensed the right to make ARM processors, which is an interesting development for both Apple and Intel.