Happy 10th Birthday, App Store!

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Apple's App Store 10th Anniversary GIF

It’s hard to believe, but it was July 10th (next Tuesday) that Apple unleashed this world-changing concept, and the company put out a long self-congratulatory announcement pre-celebrating this incredible milestone.

How to Use Screen Time in iOS 12

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iOS 12 Screen Time settings

iOS 12 makes it easier to manage how much time you spend each day gaming, surfing social networks, and watching movies on your iPhone or iPad. You need to use the new Screen Time feature, and it’s easy to set up.

iPhone USB-C Charger Photos Leaked

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There’s a good chance Apple will include an 18 W USB-C charger with the next generation iPhone, and now photos showing up online seem to back that up. The photos popped up on Chongdiantou  and show what appear to be an Apple charger that could work with both iPhones and iPads. If so, it’s likely a prototype. If not, it’s a clever attempt to trick people into thinking this is an Apple charger. Considering Apple is moving Macs to USB-C from USB A, it’s likely that change is coming to iPhone and iPad chargers, too, and could come as soon as this fall.

iPhone USB-C Charger Photos Leaked

Fortnite Adds Practice Mode So You Don't Have to Die Right Away

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Fortnite is amazingly popular battle royale shooter game, but horribly frustrating for new players because it’s far too easy for new players to die before they really get started. Epic Games fixed that with a new version 4.5 update that adds a multi-player practice mode where you get an hour of play time to learn the ropes. You can build structures, practice with weapons, and more. The update also adds double pistols, a thermal scope assault rifle, stink bombs, and more weapons. Fortnite is a free download on Apple’s App Store.

Fortnite Adds Practice Mode So You Don’t Have to Die Right Away