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22 New Actions Coming to Shortcuts in iOS 15

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iOS 15 on iPhone

Matthew Cassinelli shared a post on his website sharing 22 new actions coming to shortcuts for iOS | iPadOS 15, and 21 Mac-only actions. The full post requires a subscription but he shared an image with details.

With the release of iOS 15 and the associated betas across Apple’s platforms, the Shortcuts app has received 2 automation types and 22 new actions that work across iPhone, iPad, and macOS as well as 21 Mac-only actions.

I think I’m most looking forward to Get Folder Contents, Rename File, Overlay Text, Extract Text From Image, and probably Get File From Folder.

Full RuneScape is Now Available for iPhone and iPad

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

It’s been a long time since I’ve played RuneScape; in fact that version I was playing is now known as Old School RuneScape. The old school version is still on iOS but now it’s joined by regular, full RuneScape in all its glory, not a limited mobile version like other games. Ryan Ward, RuneScape Executive Producer, said: “Today, we finally get to share and deliver the unthinkable! We have brought one of the world’s largest, most iconic MMOs, with 20 years’ worth of rich and engaging content, to mobile. Players on mobile will be welcomed to a community of millions and get to take their hero on an endless journey through the thriving and living world of Gielinor.”

Full RuneScape is Now Available for iPhone and iPad

MOFT O Combines an iPhone Grip With a Stand

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MOFT’s latest product is really clever. It’s called the MOFT O and it’s an iPhone grip that can also function as a stand. It’s MagSafe compatible or seamlessly snaps on any phone via the reusable MOFT Snap Sticker – a patented silicone pad with magnetic-like functionality. The slim multi-disc design object folds into a sturdy three-dimensional phone stand that rotates 360° for 3 viewing angles and snaps off to act as a 90° kickstand for live streaming. It’s available to purchase for US$19.99.

MOFT O Combines an iPhone Grip With a Stand

Invisi Mini Selfie Stick: $29.99

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Invisi Mini Selfie Stick

We have a deal on the Invisi Mini Selfie Stick. This device extends up to 26-inches, includes an internal battery for triggering the shutter button, can swivel at 90°, and it supports landscape mode. It’s $29.99 through our deal, and it comes in five colors.

Should You Digitize Your ID With iOS 15?

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iOS 15 driver’s license example

One of the updates to Apple Wallet in iOS 15 is letting people scan their driver’s license. But is that a good thing?

One major question is how Apple users and law enforcement like TSA agents will actually interact with these digital IDs. If your driver’s license is on your phone, you could potentially have to present your fully unlocked device to a law enforcement agent in a transaction like a traffic stop or at airport security. That could, in turn, expose you to incidental search of your data, social media accounts, or anything else the agent flicks to.

Content Consumption in Our 'Always Own' World — Media+

· Charlotte Henry · Media+

The Mac Observer's Media+ Podcast Logo

Rory Cellan Jones, BBC Technology Correspondent and author of ‘Always On: Hope and Fear in the Social Smartphone Era’, joins Charlotte Henry to discuss the launch of the iPhone and how Apple became a content creation company.

Why You Should Drill a Hole Into Your iPhone or iPad

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Broken iPhone

Over the weekend, Nikita Mazurov for The Intercept reminds us that a good way to wipe our iDevices is to drill a hole through it.

If you can’t access your device, the most careful approach to wiping it is to destroy the flash memory chip that houses your data. This way you don’t have to lose sleep if you didn’t use a strong passcode, or worry about a forensics vendor being able to recover any of your personal information.

Mozilla Brings Firefox Redesign to iPhone and iPad

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firefox 89 iphone

When Mozilla redesigned Firefox for desktop in the version 84 release, it did the same overhaul for the mobile versions.

We’ve rebuilt parts of Firefox in native components, making it feel more iPhone and iPad-like than ever before. You’ll notice design elements that look and work identically to those found in many other apps, so our browser feels instantly familiar. We’ve also taken a major step up in accessibility. Firefox now supports more text sizes and integrates better with screen readers.

Scosche 'MagicMount' Holder for MagSafe Now Available for iPhone 12

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The MagicMount is an accessory from Scosche that acts as a holder for your iPhone 12 MagSafe charger. It lets you use your iPhone hands-free while you’re driving by mounting it onto the dashboard. The mount comes with a Scosche PowerVoltTM 20W USB-C Power Delivery Car adapter that provides power to enable a MagSafe Charger to charge an iPhone 12 at 15W. MagicMount MSC mounts are available in several options including: Window/Dash, Cup Holder, and a 4-in-1 kit that features: Swing-Arm Dash and vent, and Lock-Nut Vent and Dash. They start at US$29.99.

Scosche ‘MagicMount’ Holder for MagSafe Now Available for iPhone 12

Send/Receive Text Messages, Locations, SOS When Cellular Service Is Unavailable: $230

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Radacat C2 Messenger: Off-Grid GPS Tracker

We have a deal on the RADACAT GPS Messenger 2, a device with a built-in Mini GPS tracking device that can be used as a messenger and a tracker by connecting to the user’s mobile phone. This device allows users to send and receive text messages, real-time locations, and SOS to other Radacat C2 users even when cellular service is unavailable. A 2-pack of these devices is $230 through our deal.

Inexpensive Gifts for the Geeks you Love (Part I)

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

It’s June and that means another gift guide from Dr. Mac, this time focused on inexpensive (none over $30) gifts to protect, enhance, or improve the performance and/or life expectancy of your loved ones’ precious devices.