Alphabet Boss Sundar Pichai Prefers 'Ted Lasso' to 'Squid Game'

It seems that Ted Lasso has won over everyone, including Apple’s fiercest rivals. In a recent interview, reported on by iMore Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai praised the Apple TV+ hit, saying he preferred it to Netflix offering Squid Game.

The CEO recently sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg. During the interview, Pichai was asked to choose between the Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso” or the Netflix series “Squid Game. “While Picahi [sic] says he enjoys both shows, he said that “Ted Lasso” was the easy winner.

How Many Times Was The 'Ted Lasso' Intro Music Heard at The Emmys?

If you were watching the Emmys on Sunday you probably noticed the Ted Lasso intro music was played a lot. Luckily, Vulture kept score and shared exactly how many times viewers heard that now-famous “yeaaaah.”

Apple TV+’s lovable transatlantic football comedy Ted Lasso went into this year’s Emmy Awards ceremony as a record-breaker, with an unprecedented 20 nominations across various categories. But what the Emmys maybe failed to realize when they heaped those noms upon Ted Lasso was that every time one was announced during the ceremony, some anonymous wielder-of-the-aux (Reggie Watts, perhaps?) played the same few seconds of the show’s music — namely, the most famous yeeeeeeaahh to start off a theme song this side of CSI. So how many times did we hear that ripper of a note by *checks notes* Marcus Mumford? Really???

Was That a Notchless Next-Gen iPhone on Ted Lasso?

We’ve been hearing speculation that the next generation of the iPhone will have a smaller camera notch than current models. Through either an unintentional leak or just a post-production editing mistake, the Ted Lasso audience got a peek of a notchless next-gen iPhone in the August 27 episode. The handset looks like an iPhone 12 from the rear, but images of the screen seem to show iOS 14 wallpaper without the usual cutout from the camera notch.

Apple is notorious for its secrecy, so it seems unlikely that this is a deliberate signal that the notch is disappearing from the iPhone 13. That said, it’s been rumored for months now that the iPhone 13 would have a much smaller notch or a hole-punch selfie camera. However, a completely notchless display isn’t believed to be in the cards for this year’s iPhone.