Best Mac Antivirus With VPN in 2024

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A lot of antiviruses for Mac come with a bundled VPN. But in most cases, the VPN could be better in terms of functionality. There are a lot of issues that users face with these VPNs. Either they aren’t fast enough, or they aren’t secure enough. Whereas some VPNs are only helpful for basic activities like browsing.

What do you do if you want a good antivirus that also has a properly functional VPN? Well, let me give you a list of options to choose from.

Best Antivirus for Mac That Comes With VPN Facilities

While there are quite a few options for antiviruses for Macs that have VPNs, not all of them are worth your time and money. So, I have curated a list of the best Mac antiviruses that come with a VPN that is worth your while.

Let us get started.

1. Intego

Intego antivirus for Mac with VPN logo

Most PC antivirus companies start with a Windows product. But not Intego. From their very advent, their core principle had been to protect Apple devices. They have been in the business for over two decades and their latest product, the Intego Mac Internet Security is more than just an antivirus. It is a complete solution for protecting and securing your Mac against malware, spyware, and much more.

However, if you are looking for all-around protection for your Mac and a reliable VPN service, Intego is by far a better choice.


Virus Barrier

Intego boasts of a robust malware detection engine that successfully detects 100% of malware. As a bonus, Intego’s Virus Barrier can also detect dormant Windows-specific viruses on your Mac.

Intego gives you three options after running a scan of the files on your Mac.

  • Trust: You can use this option on files that you know are safe. Essentially this option is for false positives. So, you won’t be needing this option too much.
  • Quarantine: This will allow you to separate the infected files and store them in a digital vault so they cannot harm your Mac.
  • Repair: In case you have an infected file that you really need, you can use this option to clean the infected files.

Real-Time Scanner

This feature works continuously in the background of your Mac and monitors any suspicious file that comes into contact with your system.

There are three different levels to Intego’s Real-Time Scanner.

  • Minimum: This level offers you protection only against malware that is Mac-specific.
  • Standard: Windows, Linux, and Mac-based viruses are all covered in this level. Your emails and attachments are also thoroughly scanned for the same.
  • Maximum: This is the most resource-intensive level and can slow down your Mac by a bit. But this comes equipped with the ability to perform iOS device scans whenever your iPhone is connected to your Mac.

If the Real-Time Scanner comes across anything suspicious, it immediately blocks all further actions and sends you a pop-up so you can decide how to proceed regarding the threat.

NetBarrier – 2-Network Firewall

The 2-way network firewall of Intego is adept at monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic of your Mac.

It automatically switches to different modes based on the type of network that your Mac is connected to. So, if you are using public wifi, Intego will automatically block incoming local network connections. This lets you safeguard against miscreants who mount attacks on unsuspecting users at local connections. Similarly, as soon as you reach home, or some trusted network, it will automatically adjust itself to the appropriate security level of the connection.

Safe Browsing

This nifty feature will notify you whenever your browsers aren’t in safe mode. Suppose you visit potentially harmful sites with the Safe Browsing feature on. In that case, Intego will automatically block you from visiting those websites and show you a report regarding why you were blocked from accessing those websites.

However, if you are looking for all-around protection for your Mac and a reliable VPN service, Intego is by far a better choice.


Content Barrier is Intego’s version of parental control. Here are some of the best ContentBarrier features-

  • Website blocking: Blocks access to specific website categories like – gambling, adult sites, etc.
  • Chat filtering: Filters and blocks inappropriate and dangerous messages on all types of instant messaging apps.
  • App blocking: Allows you to remotely block apps on your child’s device.
  • Scheduled access: This lets you allocate time for usage on your children’s devices.
  • Recording function: Periodically takes screenshots of your child’s device to help ensure your child’s safety.
  • Anti-Predator function: This function flags and detects words and phrases that child predators commonly use and notifies you.

Mac Washing Machine

This feature helps you clean up your Mac and organize it properly so that it can function smoothly and run faster. It has three different modes.

  • Reclaim: Helps you clear out unnecessary files from your Mac’s hard drive.
  • Duplicate: Scans for duplicate files on your system and allows you to get rid of them in one go.
  • Organize: Let’s organize your desktop for maximum efficiency.


Intego Privacy Protection is available for you at a bit of an extra cost for your VPN requirements. The best features of the VPN are given below.

  • Helps you bypass streaming blockers.
  • Keeps you secure over public networks.
  • Premium ad-blocking feature.

Pricing Details

The Mac Internet Security X9 is originally priced at $49.99.

The VPN service comes at an extra $19.99.

Free Trial

Does not have a free trial but comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. TotalAV

TotalAV logo

TotalAV is a very good antivirus option for your Mac. It has both a free and paid version, so you can use it firsthand before paying for its premium services.


  • It offers excellent malware protection. In fact, it scores pretty decently in all of the standard malware detection tests.
  • The user interface is well-designed and allows for ease of control.
  • Has both on-demand and on-access malware scanning features.


  • 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch in case of a drop in connection, and a no-logs policy.
  • Secure and fast OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols.
  • Leak protection and unlimited bandwidth.

Pricing Details

TotalAV Total Security comes at $49.13/ year.

Free Trial

It does not have a free trial but has a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you do not like the product.

3. Norton

Norton antivirus logo

Norton is one of the oldest antivirus companies in the market. It has years of experience backed by its reliable features and an unmatched malware database.


  • Uses a massive malware directory to safeguard your Mac.
  • Has web protection and 50 GB backup Cloud storage.
  • Offers a password manager, privacy monitor, and parental controls.
  • Allows for web camera protection and dark web monitoring.


  • It has a split-tunneling feature that allows you to choose which apps to route through VPN and which ones to route through the local network.
  • The Tor Support feature adds an extra layer of security to the Tor network.
  • The Wi-Fi Secure feature lets you know about potentially dangerous networks and which ones are safe to connect.
  • Full Leak Protection secures your Mac against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.

Pricing Details

The Norton Security Deluxe plan that covers three devices comes at $36.56/ year.

Free Trial

Does not have a free trial period but has a 60-day money-back period with its annual purchase plan.

4. McAfee

McAfee antivirus logo

Another popular antivirus company, McAfee consistently brings out products worth investing your money in. Its Safe Connect VPN is incredibly easy to use making it a popular choice among many users.


  • Extensive protection against malware.
  • Its Internet Security Suite comes equipped with a firewall, file shredder, and optimization tools.
  • Has an identity protection feature and a password manager feature.


  • It is powered by the standalone VPN TunnelBear.
  • Has an intuitive dashboard along with a kill switch and a strict no-logs policy that is independently audited every year.
  • Provides consistently good speeds over streaming services like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney, etc.

Pricing Details

The Plus plan comes at $39.99/ year.

McAfee’s Premium plan costs $54.99/ year.

Advanced plan priced at $89.99/ year.

Free Trial

Does not have a free trial period but all the plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Bitdefender

Bitdefender antivirus for Mac with VPN logo

Probably the fastest VPN on this list, Bitdefender makes up for its average antivirus with its excellent VPN. It is known for robust parental controls and faster VPN.


  • Has both lightweight and advanced malware-scanning features.
  • Provides anti-phishing and anti-ransomware services.
  • Comes with a firewall and webcam and microphone protection.
  • Allows for parental controls.


  • In-built ad and tracker blocker.
  • Supports torrenting on all of its servers.
  • The Catapult Hydra protocol makes its VPN services extremely fast.

Pricing Details

Bitdefender is initially priced at $73.14/ year and its VPN costs $60.95/ year.

Free Trial

Has a 30-day free trial period.

Honorary Mention – MacKeeper

MacKeeper antivirus for Mac with VPN logo

If you are looking for a lightweight antivirus that will also provide you with VPN services, the MacKeeper is a good option.


  • Provides secure browsing.
  • Has an adware cleaner, ad blocker, and email breach monitoring.
  • Comes equipped with optimization tools and system cleanup tools.


  • Supports torrenting on dedicated P2P servers.
  • Is easy to use and has decent speeds.

Pricing Details

It is initially priced at $119.40/ year for one Mac.

Free Trial

Has a free version if you wish to try out the product. Every purchase of MacKeeper is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


There are a handful of antivirus software in the market that come with a fully functional VPN. The antiviruses on this list have their own strengths and drawbacks but one thing they have in common is that they all have excellent VPN services. This list is especially for you if VPN is an important criterion when choosing antivirus software.

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