Here’s How to Make Alexa Remember Things for You

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Amazon Alexa has a new feature called Remember This to help you keep track of whatever it is you need to remember. It’s easy to set up and use. Read on to learn how.

To make Alexa remember something for you, start by saying, “Alexa, remember…” and then say what needs to be remembered. If I want to keep track of where I store all the dongle adapters for my MacBook Air for example, I’d say, “Alexa, remember that my MacBook Air dongles are in the hall closet.”

Alexa will confirm that’s what I want it to remember, and after that I can find my dongle collection by asking, “Alexa, where are the MacBook Air dongles?”

You can delete what you ask Alexa to remember at Amazon’s Alexa website, or in the Alexa app on your iPhone. Just find the card in Home view where you created the Remember This event, then click or tap Delete. That isn’t exactly elegant if you’ve spoken to Alexa a lot since the Remember This event. We suggest you use Alexa’s Follow-Up mode to ask a series of questions without repeatedly using the trigger word.

This is a great way for me to keep track of stuff I stashed away and invariably can’t find again. It’s also awesome for people who may have serious memory issues and need help remembering more important things than where a handful of MacBook Air dongles are.

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