How to Fix iCloud Contacts Syncing With the Nuclear Option

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Occasionally you might run into a problem where your iCloud contacts have trouble syncing across devices. Sometimes you can fix it by logging out, logging back in, etc., but what if that doesn’t work? Mac Geek Gab listener Chris has a solution to fix iCloud contacts, and it’s called the nuclear option.

Going Nuclear

Chris says that he discovered this from an Apple Support specialist. It usually happens when you sync contacts with your Mac. For some reason, Mac contact records, as well as iCloud itself, can become “tainted” but iOS remains pure.

Image of Mac Contacts app. You can fix iCloud contacts by deleting them from your Mac.

  1. Before we start, it’s a good idea to back up all of your devices just in case.
  2. Next, find the iOS device that has your contacts on it. This is the One Pure iOS device. Log it out of iCloud and keep the contact records on it.
  3. Now, delete all contacts from your other devices, as well as on Make sure there isn’t a single contact left. On your Mac you can open the Contacts app, select all of them by pressing Command (⌘) + A, then hitting Delete. You can use the exact same keyboard command on
  4. When all devices and iCloud have no contacts left, log the pure iOS device back into iCloud, and sync its contacts with iCloud again.

The pure contacts will load into iCloud and be synced with your other Apple devices.

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I tried to follow your steps because my iPhone contacts are not syncing with my MB Pro. At Step 4, nothing happened. My MB Pro still did not synch with my iPhone. It’s still empty.