How to Fix Snapchat Ban on iPhone

Snapchat has more than 300 million active users and it is a great instant messaging/media-sharing platform. Given its large size, the company has certain guidelines in place to protect its users from external as well as internal sources. Now, failing to meet these guidelines results in Snapchat banning or locking accounts of its users either temporarily or permanently. If you’re facing this issue, read along to learn how to fix Snapchat ban/lock.

How to Unlock/Unban Your Account From Snapchat?

If you log in to your Snapchat account and see the “your account is permanently locked” message, it might be because you’ve violated Snapchat’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. There is nothing you can do to fix the Snapchat ban. All you can do is wait for a few months and hope that Snapchat lifts the ban. Several users have reported that they were able to log in to their accounts after six to eight months. 

Now, if you see the “your account is temporarily locked” message, please head to this page, log in to your account, and tap Unlock to unlock your account.  

Lastly, if you see the “your account may be compromised” message, follow the steps below to fix the Snapchat ban. 

Time needed: 2 minutes

Steps to unlock/unban your Snapchat account

  1. Head to the Snapchat Support Website. Here, select “I think my account was compromised” option. 

    Tap I think my account was compromised option to Fix Snapchat Ban

  2. Scroll down to the form and enter your username, registered email address, mobile number, and briefly describe your issue. 

    Fill in all the necessary details

  3. Once you’ve filled in all these details, tap the Submit button. 

    Tap Submit to fix Snapchat Ban

Why Am I Banned From Snapchat?

Snapchat does not ban or lock accounts of users without any reasons. There are certain rules, which when broken lead to a temporary or permanent ban from Snapchat.

Violation of Community Guidelines: To ensure the safety of every Snapchat user, the company has a set of rules in place known as Community Guidelines. According to these guidelines, you should refrain from sharing explicit content, harassing, bullying, threatening, or trying to harm other users. Even avoid spreading false information or partaking in illegal activities. 

Snapchat expects every users to adhere to these Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Failing to do so results in being temporarily or permanently banned from Snapchat. 

Third-Party Apps: If you use any third-party Snapchat apps and login to your account, be ready to get your account temporarily or even permanently banned. Snapchat does not endorse the use of any third-party apps and strictly recommends against it. You’re just inviting trouble by providing your account credentials to some shady developers. 

Account Compromised: If someone is trying to hack your account, Snapchat will ban or lock the account temporarily. It can also happen if you connect to a VPN service and then try to log in to your account. Moreover, if Snapchat detects multiple login attempts to your account within a short span of time or if it detects suspicious activity, i.e., someone trying to hack into your account, etc., it will temporarily lock your account.  

Apart from these, please do not share copyright media on Snapchat. Also avoid spamming users with messages. Also, if someone reports you (or many users for that matter), you might be banned permanently from Snapchat.

Who Can Unlock Your Snapchat Account?

Only you can unlock/unban your Snapchat account by contacting official Snapchat Support. There is no one apart from Snapchat Support that can fix your Snapchat ban.

Please do not fall for any services or contact any social media accounts that promise to unlock or lift the ban from your Snapchat accounts. Many such people are trying to make a quick buck out of people whose accounts are locked or banned by Snapchat. And they succeed at scamming people because most of us going through this might be really sad. Especially because most of us have years worth of memories stored in Snapchat and losing all of them is quite disheartening. 

These scam accounts and services ask you to pay them with gift cards or through other payment methods as a fee. Moreover, they’ll also ask for your login credentials and if you submit those to unknown strangers over the internet, I don’t think anything good is going to come out of it. You’re just adding to your misery by sinking deeper and compromising other online accounts as well. 

How to Avoid Being Banned on Snapchat

Any platform will not ban its user right away. Snapchat issues up to two temporary bans before locking a user’s account permanently. Read along to learn how you can prevent your Snapchat account from being banned on Snapchat. 

1. Follow Snapchats Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

2. Refrain from sharing content that has nudity, offensive language, hate speech, etc. 

3. Please do not bully, harass or threaten people on Snapchat. It does not mean you should bully people outside of Snapchat. Just be kind to everyone. 

4. Do not share copyrighted content. 

5. Avoid using third-party apps and tools on Snapchat. 

6. Enable two-factor authentication on Snapchat. 

Apart from these, if you ever receive any warning from Snapchat, please avoid violating the same rules or indulging in the same behavior. Just read the guidelines once and follow them thoroughly. 

Enjoy Snapchat Responsibly 

We hope you were able to recover your Snapchat account with the help of our article. Just follow Snapchats guidelines and you don’t have to worry about banning your account on Snapchat. Many of us have several media files saved in Snapchat and it’d be unfortunate to lose those. 

Also, Snapchat keeps bringing new features regularly to the platform. It recently introduced the My AI Chatbot feature which has unfortunately left the user base polarized. Some users really like this AI chatbot, while some want to delete their Snapchat accounts because they don’t want to be anywhere near it. Let us know what you think about the My AI Chatbot in the comments below. 


How to bypass Snapchat device ban in 2023?

Contact Snapchat Support if you’re looking to unlock/unban your Snapchat account. Please do not fall for any third-party services that offer to recover your banned Snapchat account. 

How long do Snapchat device bans last?

You can contact Snapchat Support and ask them to unlock your account. Unfortunately, permanent bans are for a lifetime. 

How do I get my iPhone unbanned from Snapchat?

Temporary bans can be lifted by filling out the form on Snapchat Supports website.

Can Apple fix a Snapchat device ban?

Some user’s are reporting a ban wherein it is IMEI ban that restricts the user from installing or accessing Snapchat on their device. If you’re facing this issue, the only solution to use Snapchat is to get a new device or contacting Snapchat Support.

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