5 Photo Art Apps to Spruce Up Your Images

Photo art apps are a cool way to make your images stand out. You can make your photos look like a painting, pencil drawing, and generally quirky. We’ve combed through the App Store to bring you 5 photo art apps to get started.


Screenshots of Prisma, one of the photo art apps.

Prisma first made headlines last year, as a fun way to edit your photos. It uses machine learning to turn your images into art. Each filter renders your photo in the style of famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Kandinsky, and others. They are more than filters though. The algorithms render each photo differently based on textures and lines in the image. Prisma is Free.


Screenshots of Waterlogue, one of the photo art apps.

Waterlogue helps you turn your images into beautiful watercolor paintings. Although there aren’t a lot of painting styles, what the app does have it does well. When you tap on a painting style, the app transforms your photo in real time. This lets you see the photo slowly turn into a watercolor painting. You can save watercolors and share them to social media. If you have a journal, Waterlogue is perfect for printing out your watercolors as decoration. Waterlogue is US$3.99.


Screenshots of Percolator, one of the photo art apps.

From the same developers behind Waterlogue comes Percolator. This app turns your photos into a pointillism mosaic. Percolate your images like a cup of coffee. Choose a Grind, which determines the size and number of circles for your photo. Next, pick out a Brew, which adjusts how dark and blended the circles look. Finally, choose how you Serve your image, to adjust the final appearance. Percolator is US$3.99.


Screenshots of Brushstroke, one of the photo art apps.

Like the other two apps, Brushstroke transforms your photos into paintings. But this app seems to focus more on oil and acrylic styles, not watercolor. Aside from a painting style, you can choose a canvas style. This lets you add a texture to your photo that makes it look even more like a realistic painting. And it’s not just photos; you can even add a painterly effect to videos up to 4K resolution. Brushstroke is US$3.99.


Screenshots of ToonCamera, one of the photo art apps.

Unlike the other apps, ToonCamera lets you take photos, not just edit them after the fact. You can apply real-time cartoon and art effects to your images and videos. Effects like cartoon, pencil, stipple, and ink are available. Then, turn your creation into a social media post, poster, or other decoration. ToonCamera is US$1.99.

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