Here’s How to Track Snowboard, Ski, and Snowshoe Activity on Apple Watch

Snowboarder jumping in front of Apple Watch

If you’re into snowboarding, skiing, and other winter sports, Apple Watch can track your activity just like any other workout. Read on to learn how, and see which activities may require extra apps.

You’ll need Apple Watch Series 3 running watchOS 4.2 or later to take advantage of all the tracking features. Here’s how to track snowboarding and other snow sports on your Apple Watch:

  • Start an Open Goal workout in the Other category
  • When you’re finished and ready to end your workout, swipe right
  • Tap End
Track snow activity on Apple Watch as an open goal Other workout
Track your snow activity as a generic open workout
  • Tap Name Workout
  • Scroll down and choose Snowboarding. If you want any other snow-related activity, choose Snow Sports.
  • Tap Done
Snowboarding and other snow sport options for activity tracking on Apple Watch
Use the Name Workout option to assign your activity to snowboarding or other snow sports

That’s great, but what if you want more detailed information about your winter adventure—especially if you’re Nordic skiing, or snowshoeing? Thanks to changes made in watchOS 4.2, third-party apps can give you just what you want, including distance traveled, vertical descent, average and maximum speeds, number of runs, time spent, and calories burned.

Here are the Apple Watch apps you can use to track your snow workouts:

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