Apple’s Tips App Adds iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 in Apple's Tips app

Apple wants everyone to be ready for iOS 11 when it officially ships, so it added some highlights for the new operating system to its Tips app in iOS 10. They’re grouped together so you can find them easily.

iOS 11 in Apple's Tips app
Apple’s Tips app now includes iOS 11

To see the iOS 11 tips launch the Tips app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and look for the “What’s New in iOS 11” collection. The tips show off iOS 11’s Control Center, Files app, Dock, mulitasking, cross-app drag and drop, Siri, and more.

Odds are more will be coming soon since Apple is hosting a media event on Tuesday, September 12th to show off the next generation iPhone lineup, along with a new Apple Watch and Apple TV.

The Tips app is included with iOS 10 and iOS 11, and new tips show up automatically. That means you can check them out without having to download any updates.

Apple hasn’t officially announced when iOS 11 is shipping yet, but we’re expecting it’ll roll out in the next few days.

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