How to Get 1-Year of Apple Music for $85

Discounted iTunes Gift Card from PayPal

You can get one year of Apple Music at a discount now that a one year option is available through iOS. Here’s how.

1 Year of Apple Music for $85

Purchases made through your iTunes account pull from your balance first. One gets a balance by activating gift cards, and as I explained last year, you can buy iTunes gift cards at a discount.

Discounted iTunes Gift Card from PayPal

That card was bought in May of 2016, when 20% discounts were somewhat common. In he last 9 months or so, 15% discounts have been the biggest I’ve seen. I follow @itunescarddeals when I’m looking for deals, BTW. While PayPal/Ebay’s deals are usually the best discounts, other retailers offers discounts on physical and digital cards.

One you’ve purchased a discounted gift card, add it to your account. Purchase the year-long subscription for $99, and it will come out of whatever you added to your account. Any remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file with Apple.

Pro tip: You’ll need to make sure you’ve reloaded your account once it gets time for auto-renewal.

That’s it!

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