iOS 10: Replying to Messages from the Lock Screen

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Under iOS 10, we can now reply to messages without unlocking our devices, which is kind of awesome and convenient. If you check out my screenshot below, you’ll note that the text I’ve gotten says “Press for more”…

Text on iOS 10 Lock Screen

…and if I do that with any of my 3D Touch–enabled devices, I’ll be able to reply right from my lock screen.

Reply to text on iOS 10 Lock Screen

(If you don’t have 3D Touch, you’ll instead be told to slide, and there’ll be the option to view the message and reply to it.)

Anyway, this is cool and nifty and all, but what if you don’t want just anybody to be able to reply to your texts if he or she happens to grab your iPhone? Well, it’s easy to turn this feature off, luckily. The option is under Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Allow Access When Locked, and it’s labeled “Reply with Message.”

iOS 10 Lock Screen Reply with Message settings

If you toggle that off, pressing on an incoming message will do you no good. And if you’re keen to turn off those notifications on your lock screen entirely, then hey, you should know that you can do that too under Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show on Lock Screen. That’s not a new feature, but maybe you’ve decided you’re more paranoid under iOS 10. I’m here to help, not necessarily to understand.

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  1. So I just got a new iPhone 6s and it isn’t letting me slide my text messages to the left so I can click ‘view’ or ‘clear’… I have gone into settings and the ‘reply with message’ thing is on.. but its still not working! Everywhere I look it just tells me to do that^^! If someone knows how to change this please help! Or can you just not reply from their lock screen with an iPhone 6s!?

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