iOS 12 Password Autofill is Coming. Here’s How 1Password Will Tie In

iOS 12 Password Autofill is coming next month. iOS 12 has a Password AutoFill API that works with password managers like 1Password and LastPass. It lets these third party apps to more easily give you your logins in Safari. Ahead of the iOS 12 launch, 1Password added support for the API in a beta (via Macrumors).

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iOS 12 Password Autofill

It’s not available on the betas yet, but this is what you can do once the final release is launched.¬†Once you install 1Password, you’ll have to enable to Autofill feature.

  1. Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords.
  2. Toggle it on and make sure that an app like 1Password is checked.

You can use these apps along with iCloud Keychain. If you want you can choose to disable iCloud Keychain and only use apps like 1Password.

After you’ve enabled it, it’s easy to use. When you encounter a login page on a website, and tap to enter your username and password, your credentials will be automatically shown, so it’s just one tap away. It also works within apps.

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2 thoughts on “iOS 12 Password Autofill is Coming. Here’s How 1Password Will Tie In

  • I am having trouble with 1 passwords current pricing scheme. A tad over what I am willing to pay. I tried out the new version for my free month, but now my 1 password is hosed and I can’t seem to go back to the one that worked.

    I guess I will have to hope that Keychain just keeps getting better.

  • This sounds great! I have been using 1Password for many years but it is a pain to have to go to the app, copy the password and then go back to Safari and paste it in. It will be nice to skip this step.

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