iOS 13: How to Create Small Thumbnails in Reminders

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When you updated to iOS 13 you probably noticed that the Reminders app got a big redesign. One of the changes involved thumbnails; they’re giant now. What do I mean by thumbnails? Whenever you add a web page to Reminders it will grab an image from the page and display it as a preview, similar to previews you see in iMessages and Apple Notes. Here’s how to change it and enable small thumbnails in Reminders.

Small Thumbnails

  1. Open Reminders. Find an entry that has a thumbnail. If you don’t have one, open Safari, tap the share sheet, then send it to Reminders. A thumbnail will be automatically generated.
  2. Once you’re in Reminders, long press on a thumbnail and a black box will appear that says Small Thumbnails. Tap this and all thumbnails in the app will be changed to small.

screenshots of small thumbnails in reminders

Unfortunately there’s no way to make this stick, and I noticed that eventually the thumbnails will revert back to large.

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