macOS: How to Quickly View Hidden Files and Folders in Finder

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My previous method of viewing hidden files and folders with Terminal doesn’t seem to work anymore. But there is a keyboard shortcut that does the same thing.

Hidden Files Shortcut

Using a keyboard shortcut to view hidden files in Finder.

I love how quick, easy, and painless this is. All you have to do in a Finder window is press Command (⌘) + Shift + Period. That’s it. I don’t know if this command specific to macOS High Sierra (but I doubt it). But if you’re running a different version of macOS and this shortcut doesn’t work for you, let me know in the comments and I’ll make a note of it in the article.

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  1. Graham McKay

    Great find. I’ve previously been using Invisibility Toggler, but this is far easier.
    Have confirmed it works in 10.12

      • xmattingly

        You would probably have to set it up as a Service with either Automator or AppleScript, then designate a key command. Can’t be done in System Preferences > Keyboard since there’s no Finder menu item for it.

  2. xmattingly

    I don’t know if this command specific to macOS High Sierra

    You are correct, sir. This command was introduced in Sierra (a happy accident I stumbled across early last year, after I bought a 2016 MBP). This is quite frankly one of my Top 10 favorite macOS enhancements from at least the past five years; it’s a huge benefit for developers.

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