5 Pre-Made Siri Shortcuts To Help You Get Started

With iOS 12 came Siri Shortcuts, an automation app that lets you use Siri to get things done. I have a bunch of Shortcuts that I’ve been using since Workflow, and I’ll share my 5 favorite pre-made Siri Shortcuts.

[iOS 12: How to Create Shortcuts from Siri Suggestions]

Clean Link

With this Shortcut, you can copy a URL to your clipboard. Then, run the Shortcut to clean all of the referral code cluttering it up. If you’ve ever seen a URL with “utm=” with a string of characters, that’s what I’m talking about. It also expands short URLs used to track clicks. Shortcuts – Clean Link

Apple Notes Clipper

I wish Apple Notes had a web clipper like Evernote and OneNote do. In the meantime I use this shortcut when I’m on my iPhone or iPad. It reads a URL in the clipboard and attempts to get the article text. I customized it a bit (I got it from the Workflow gallery) to have it automatically add the Title, Author, Date Written, Date Saved, and Source URL for better classification purposes. Shortcuts – Apple Notes Clipper

Burst to GIF

This is a fun shortcut that turns photos you’ve taken in Burst Mode into a GIF. It gets the latest bursts, and you can change the number of photos it gets. Right now it’s set to get the last 115 bursts. Shortcuts – Burst to GIF

Tax Calculator

This is a handy shortcut to use when you’re shopping. If you add up each item as you put it in your cart, put the total amount into the Tax Calculator and it will tell you the tax amount and the final amount of your bill. Like Burst to GIF, you’ll have to customize it to whatever your state tax is. Shortcuts – Tax Calculator

Image Search

Here is a reverse image search shortcut that may come in handy. It uses Google to search the web for your image, although I’m sure you could customize to use a different search engine. Shortcuts – Image Search

[Apple Watch in Our Culture, iOS 12 Shortcuts – TMO Daily Observations 2018-09-19]

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