5 iOS 12 AR Apps to Test Your New Camera

If you’ve purchased an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR, we’ve roundup up some iOS 12 AR apps to test that new camera.

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Monster Park: AR Dino World

Screenshots of monster world in our roundup of iOS 12 AR apps. Monster Park – AR Dino World is a new augmented reality game that lets you observe and rule incredibly lifelike dinosaurs and other horrible creatures with your device’s camera. Take a look at monsters in real size, bring them into your world, walk together, take cool photos and record videos to wow your friends. Charming and mysterious giants immerse you in an augmented reality gaming environment. ARKit with precise tracking and light detection makes this whole experience incredibly powerful and realistic. App Store: Monster Park –  US$2.99


Screenshots of picsart in our roundup of iOS 12 ar apps. 500 million+ installs strong, PicsArt is the #1 photo editor & pic collage maker on mobile. Download PicsArt and enjoy our tools, effects, collage maker, camera, video editor, free clipart library, 5 million+ of user-created stickers and our drawing tools. PicsArt’s all about making awesome pictures and having fun by remixing free-to-edit pictures into awesome collages & memes. App Store: PicsArt – Free


Who could ever guess that the brain despite its staggering complexities could still be such interesting organ to explore. (Andrew’s note: That’s exactly why we explore it!) Brainapse is an enthralling, engaging and an informative learning app, which helps in exploring the anatomy, structure and functions of the human skull and brain using AR, explains the evolution of the human brain and its working. App Store: Brainapse – US$1.99


screenshots of lightspace in our list of iOS 12 ar apps. Paint with 3D light in the real world! Use LightSpace to paint wings on your friends, make fireworks in your living room, write love notes with sparklers, and draw faces on bananas. For the first time ever, walk around your paintings to see them from every angle. Record a video while you paint, or afterwards to share your work with the world. Add details by doodling on the screen or paint expansive shapes by using your phone as the brush. App Store: LightSpace – Free


screenshots of solihaus in our roundup of iOS 12 ar apps. Solidhaus lets you present your 3D designs in True Scale. This app is perfect for architecture, engineering, construction and much more! Solidhaus gives you an accurate representation of your 3D designs’ size, shape, and form in your space. Present your 3D designs in a brand new way—use Solidhaus to show off your ideas, and help people imagine the possibilities. App Store: Solidhaus – Free

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