iOS: How to set a Siri Reminder to Remind you of Content in Apps

In iOS 9 beefed Siri up by making her more Proactive. One of the things you can do is ask Siri to remind you of content within Apple apps, like a Safari website, an email in Mail, or a location in Maps. Here’s how to set a Siri reminder for content.

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Siri Reminders in Apple Apps

To set a Siri reminder for content, just say “Hey Siri, remind me about this.” Like a regular reminder you can set it for a specific day and time. So far it seems to only work in most of Apple’s apps; I haven’t found a third-party app that Siri works with. I think in order to do this the developer would need to have support for deep-linking/universal links.

Screenshots of setting a Siri Reminder.

It can be a bit more efficient because tapping on the icon in the reminder takes you back to that exact piece of content within the app. And using Siri to do this is faster than manually tapping the share button and setting up a reminder with a date and time.

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Note that Siri reminders show up in the default Reminders list (Settings > General > Reminders > Default List). I created a “Siri Reminder” list just for the purpose of this article.

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