tvOS: How to Force Quit a Misbehaving App

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It’s fairly obvious how to quit an app in iOS. But tvOS uses a slightly different technique because there’s no on-screen touch interface—as with, for example, the iPhone.

A typical scenario is having a misbehaved tvOS app lock up after you hit the Menu button to exit back to the tvOS home page. You may see a spinning gear. Or nothing at all.

Apple TV movie page.

Apple recommends that you check to see if you have the latest version of tvOS.

Force Quit a tvOS App

Here’s how to force quit an app.

1. Double press the TV/Home button. (That’s the one with the TV icon to the right of the Menu button.)

Apple gamor shot if Apple TV 4K Siri remote.

TV/Home button is to the right of the Menu button.

2. Swipe right or left on the Siri remote’s touch area to bring the desired app icon to the foreground.

Horizontal array of running tvOS apps.

Horizontal array of running tvOS apps.

3. Swipe (flick) towards the top of the remote’s touch area, similar to what you do in iOS, until the app icon disappears off the top of the display. This quits the app.

If the app continues to misbehave, you may need to delete the app, then reinstall it. See Apple’s tech note # HT201398. It includes a mention of some apps that need sign-in information to reactivate.

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