tvOS: Use AirPods With Apple TV Much Faster With This Trick

You can use AirPods with Apple TV when you watch movies or TV shows. When you first connect them to your Apple TV, you have to dig around in Bluetooth settings. But there’s a faster way.

Use The Remote

Use AirPods with Apple TV by using the remote.

You can use the remote to use AirPods with Apple TV. When you’re in the main menu, you can simply press and hold the play button on the remote. Your AirPods will connect, and you can starting watching content quicker. This should also work with other Apple headphones as long as it has a W1 chip.

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Great tip.

I always hated having to navigate through all of the menus just to reconnect my Beats Studio 3’s.
Now I don’t have to. The tip worked great with w-1.