How to Use iOS 11 Screen Recording

iOS 11 Screen Recording

Quite a few people have heard that screen recording is now native to iOS 11, but don’t know how to access it. Even though iOS 11 has been out for a little more than a week, the feature is still baffling many. In this video, Jeff Butts demonstrates where to find the Screen Recording controls. He also shows you how to turn on the microphone for screen recordings so you can do voice-overs. After the video, you’ll find a pictorial walkthrough demonstrating how to enable and use iOS 11 Screen Recording.

iOS 11 Screen Recording
Learn how to take advantage of the iOS 11 Screen Recording feature, and make the most of it

A Walkthrough of iOS 11 Screen Recording in Pictures

If you prefer more of a screenshot walkthrough of setting up iOS 11 Screen Recording, here are the steps you need to take.

Using iOS 11 Screen Recording - Step 1
First, open Settings and tap on Control Center
Using iOS 11 Screen Recording - Step 2
Next, tap on Customize Controls
Using iOS 11 Screen Recording - Step 3
Now tap the green plus sign next to Screen Recording to add it to Control Center, and move it where you like

Using Screen Recording, and Getting Your Microphone to Work

Once you have placed the right button in your Control Center, you’ll be able to start using iOS 11 Screen Recording. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Center. From there, you can tap once on the Screen Recording button to start recording.

Using iOS 11 Screen Recording - Step 4
Now you should have the toggle for iOS 11 Screen Recording in your Control Center

That’s not all, though. If you long-press or 3D Touch press on the Screen Recording button, you’ll get an advanced control. Here, you’ll be able to turn on your microphone for recording voice-overs with your screen.

Using iOS 11 Screen Recording - Step 5
Yes, you actually can turn on your microphone in a screen recording

5 thoughts on “How to Use iOS 11 Screen Recording

  • Try as I may it does not work on my iPhone SE. Tried all tips except reinstalling iOS 11 to no avail. On my iPad Pro 9.7 it works magnificently. Smooth, crisp video it can most certainly be used as a teaching tool.

      1. Tapping the button (whether in CC or in magnified pane) I see the 3,2,1 countdown then nothing unlike the iPad which turns the top bar red.
        I have the 16 Gb model with 3 GB free. Can it perhaps be a free space issue?

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