Apple Snaps Up Map Company

Apple apparently bought the online map company PlaceBase sometime in July, according to Computerworld. The Mac and iPod maker isn't talking about the purchase, although it appears that they now have a "Geo Team," and former PlaceBase CEO Jaron Waldman is on the team.

PlaceBase developed an online mapping service along with the map tagging API called Pushpin used by companies like openplaces and PolicyMap.

There's no word yet on what Apple plans to do with the technology and talent it acquired from PlaceBase. The company currently relies on Google Maps for location data in iPhoto and the iPhone Maps application -- areas where PlaceBase could easily overlap.

Apple could be planning on breaking away from reliance on Google Maps for its own applications, or the company could simply have found an inexpensive way to snatch up coders that can enhance Google Maps integration.

Until Apple decides to tip its hand, the rumor mill will likely be filled with ideas on where PlaceBase will show up in products.