Calendar: Shortcuts for Moving Events

In this tip, I'm gonna talk about the handiest, dandiest keyboard shortcut to remember for the Calendar program on your Mac. First, let's go over how it works in Month View, since that's my favorite way to use it. Hey, I'm writing this tip, so I get to call the shots, bub.

What you'll do is select an event and press Control-Option–[Any Arrow Key] to move it around on the grid.

So Control-Option—Up Arrow will put the selected event back one week, Control-Option–Right Arrow will move it forward one day, and so on.

In Week View, things are slightly different. Using Control-Option–Left/Right Arrow will move the selected event by day as before…

…but (drumroll, please!), Control-Option–Up/Down Arrow will shift the event forward or back in 15-minute increments.

In Day View, you can use the Control-Option–Up/Down Arrow shortcut to adjust in those same increments, too.

Pretty cool, Apple programmer dudes and dudettes. We appreciate your effort.