France Raids Apple Offices in Retail Probe

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French authorities have conducted a raid on Apple's local offices as part of an investigation into whether or not the Mac, iPhone and iPad maker was unfairly blocking competition by holding back on product shipments to other retailers. Government agents seized documents linked to complaints about Apple's pricing practices.

French authorities raid Apple offices over business practice complaintsFrench authorities raid Apple offices over business practice complaints

Along with the raid on Apple's offices, French authorities are also investigating the company's App Store pricing practices. That investigation started about a year ago over complaints that Apple's policies made it difficult for developers to make a living.

Part of the concern developers have is that once customers buy apps for iOS devices they can't transfer those purchases to other platforms like Google's Android.

The French government isn't elaborating on its actions at this time, but GigaOM said officials did confirm that the investigations are happening and that reports of the raid are correct.

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If Apple was improperly engaging in practices that made it difficult for partner retailers to compete, shame on them. But complaints about not being able to transfer app purchases to other platforms? Really?

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I haven’t been able to run any of my phone apps on my Commodore 64. Ridiculous.


What’s next? [sarcasm]I bought this book in hardcover, but I can’t get a free paperback copy! The government should DO SOMETHING! [/sarcasm]


Yea, so why can’t I run my apps on my Atari 400? That’s insane!
Why can’t my car run like a formula 1 car.
Why doesn’t Microsoft let me run Office on my iPad Mini?
The French government seems to think that Apple should give everything away yet never does this to any other companies. Common sense would tell you that IOS doesn’t run on Android and Android doesn’t run on IOS. So why would they even mention cross platform transfer at all. Apple is in the business to sell it’s products on it’s online app store since that’s what it is there for. Not to sell any competitors software. You won’t see IOS software on the Android store so why would these idiots expect Apple to have Android software on it’s IOS App store. They are getting to be intolerable for there insane expectations on what they think is fair competition. In the real world they are not being fair to Apple at all for there constant bullying of Apple who is just doing business like everyone else just doing a better job of it. Apparently the French government takes offense to this maybe because it is not a french company at the top in there country.


Developers are more than welcome to create cross platform apps… it’s not Apple’s responsibility to create an Android compatible platform.

Lee Dronick

  an investigation into whether or not the Mac, iPhone and iPad maker was unfairly blocking competition by holding back on product shipments to other retailers

I assume then that their is a fair way of blocking competition by holding back product shipments.

As to not being able to transfer iOS apps to android or whatever, well that is just ludicrous.



Bloody cheese eating surrender monkeys!

Seriously though. WTF ?

Lee Dronick

Follow the money Furbies, there is probably a big competitor pulling strings.

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