4 Tips for Using iOS 7’s Calendar on Your iPhone

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OK, I admit it. I'm having difficulty getting used to iOS 7's Calendar app on my iPhone. On the iPad, it's all right; there's still a month view that's similar to the one we had before, but on the iPhone, I feel as if I'm having to take more time to glean information than I'd like. There are a couple of tricks to use the app more effectively, though. First of all, just like in iOS 6, you can rotate your iPhone onto its side, and the landscape calendar will give you a week view of sorts (assuming you don't have your device's orientation locked).

If you go back to portrait orientation, you can tap on the month name in the upper-left corner to be taken to a month view, which has the familiar dot underneath each day to indicate when you have events scheduled.

Tap here…

…to go here.

Similarly, as you might imagine, you can tap on the year at the upper-left of that month view to get a year overview. It's…umm…kind of teeny on the iPhone's screen. 

And finally, here's my favorite thing of all. If you like list view, there's a way to get it back, just not a very obvious way. Touch Spotlight's magnifying glass at the top of the Calendar window…

…and along with the search field, you'll get a day-by-day listing of your events, similar to how things were in iOS 6. To me, this way of looking at my schedule is much faster and cleaner, and it's easier to tell at a glance what's going on and when.

Yes, I do have my main calendars turned off, OK? No, I don't sit at home all of the time, just waiting to go to the gym or celebrate someone's birthday.

Most days, that is.

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Lee Dronick

Thanksfor the tips. Yes, Calendar is a bit clumsy, but it is still easier than the one I had on my feature phone.


I do hope Apple/Sir Jony Of Ives gives us an easier way to default to list view.


I have a dot under most of my days. So it’s useless information. I used to be able to slide my finger across all the days and see the first few items (and often that’s all the items on the day) appear in the little area below the calendar so I could quickly get an idea for what was going on or find the one thing I was looking for. This new calendar makes me tap all over to get the same information, so it’s not nearly as fast.

I just plain don’t like list views. It would probably solve my problem, but I like the spacial relationship of days and weeks on a calendar for correlating with events in time. Time is too abstract on it’s own.

Note that my original justification for getting an iPhone was to reduce from feature phone + paper planner + pen + 3x5 note cards down to just iPhone.  So the calendar being broken for me is a pretty big deal.

It’s not quite broken enough to make it unusable, just enough to make me dislike it.  Not enough to make me start trying every calendar app out there nor to pay much money to get a better one.  But enough that I wish I did have a better one.


In my opinion, Apple completely dropped the ball with the calendar in iOS7. I don’t know how you could take such a simple concept that’s been around for thousands of years and make it so complex.

Missy Grimm Moellenberg

I have no dots under any of my days, including things I entered prior to the update. So far any entry I’ve tried to make, doesn’t show up when I touch ‘done.’


Mostly it’s OK but there’s one change I dislike a lot.

In “month” view you get dots under the days with events (about a third of them, for me). And in iOS 6 you could select a day and have the list for the day show up below the month grid.

But in iOS 7, this switches you to “week” view, with the week at the top and a day planner view showing the timeline for the day. It’s uncommon for me to have more than one event on any given day so this is a real pain.

I would much prefer to get the old iOS 6 way back. Do you know of any secret sauce for this ??

Pierre Valade

Hi there, i’m the co-founder of Sunrise Calendar, which has a design that you will probably like better and solves this issue:

Great article.

Jess Green

Thanks for this- I was going crazy looking for the list view!!

Radical Chik

Can anyone explain what the point of the inbox is in the calendar? I never saw it in ios6 so am confused what it’s meant for.

Maurizio Mancuso

I find iOS7 calendar less pratical and clear anyway… More difficult to read… Please Apple to Give us opportunity to switch back to iOS6 anyway!!! Thank you.

Maurizio Mancuso

It’s less clear and practical anyway… Ask to Apple to switch Back to iOS6 anyway! Please!

Jason Greig

I miss the month preview and summary at the bottom of the screen from iOS6.

I have some events that are all day, show the dot, but when I go to view it it’s not there.

Apple please, I pray you give us some version of the iOS 6 calendar back. The iPhone is a great phone but you’ve changed so much of what a lot of us liked about it.

Traci Falbo

I have seen other people’s ios7 upgrades…I will not upgrade because of the calendar.  It is much more difficult to add events.  You can’t do it on the list view.  The views are not as good.  I am sooo disappointed.

Rick London

The calendar is not the only problem with this telephone - but it has hobbled my ability to function in the business world. What a mess! For the first few days it would not synch with my cloud/computer calendar (still won’t) but now it won’t take direct phone calendar entries either.

Can you imagine?

Big mistake for apple to release before ready.

Jennifer Janesko

Unless you are a heart surgeon, I can’t imagine how it’s not just easier just to view your day at a glance like the 6.  It’s true, they have taken a simple concept and made it more complicated.
Scrolling through this hour by hour list is a waste of my day, how ironic.

Jennifer Janesko

Also, my phone has been locked since i bought it since I didn’t want the screen spinning around all the time.  I’m not turning it on just to view a calendar.

mel 1

THANK YOU!!! i was going crazy when i couldn’t get that day view!!!!


Thanks for the article.  It was hard to believe the list view was hidden behind the search icon; it took me quite some time to find it the first time.  The new calendar, to my eyes, is a vast aesthetic improvement over iOS 6, but a functional regression.  Odd.  But, then, what’s the alternative since there’s no good calendar app on the market, so far as I’m concerned?  I’ve tried many and even purchased a few; perhaps, Tempo, if only it would badge the icon with the current day, which it refuses to do.

Kelly Sonnemann Buck

I, too, was confused and somewhat harried by the calendar and my lack of little dots.  I absolutely KNEW that I should have little dots on practically every single work day - most weekend days.  I live for meetings, they’re my bread and butter.

And then I discovered that I must click on ‘Calendars’ at the bottom of my ‘Calendar’ screen - and choose WHICH calendars I want displayed on this ‘Calendar’ . . . All from my PC will pull in every single event you have on your computer, which is what I need.

You can also choose:
- Calendar (yellow)
- Calendar (brown)
- Home
- Work
In addition, there’s an option for:
- Facebook Events (LOVE IT!)
- Birthdays (I will be researching to see if I can set an ADVANCE notice on this one!)

To ‘turn on’ these options, simply click on the desired option, and a check mark will appear beside the option(s).  Dots will then begin to appear on your day(s).

HTH . . . it certainly saved my day!!


Great article. Thanks. My weekly calendar view only shows 3 days. Anyone can explain why?

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