4 Tips for Using iOS 7's Calendar on Your iPhone

OK, I admit it. I'm having difficulty getting used to iOS 7's Calendar app on my iPhone. On the iPad, it's all right; there's still a month view that's similar to the one we had before, but on the iPhone, I feel as if I'm having to take more time to glean information than I'd like. There are a couple of tricks to use the app more effectively, though. First of all, just like in iOS 6, you can rotate your iPhone onto its side, and the landscape calendar will give you a week view of sorts (assuming you don't have your device's orientation locked).

If you go back to portrait orientation, you can tap on the month name in the upper-left corner to be taken to a month view, which has the familiar dot underneath each day to indicate when you have events scheduled.

Tap here…

…to go here.

Similarly, as you might imagine, you can tap on the year at the upper-left of that month view to get a year overview. It's…umm…kind of teeny on the iPhone's screen. 

And finally, here's my favorite thing of all. If you like list view, there's a way to get it back, just not a very obvious way. Touch Spotlight's magnifying glass at the top of the Calendar window…

…and along with the search field, you'll get a day-by-day listing of your events, similar to how things were in iOS 6. To me, this way of looking at my schedule is much faster and cleaner, and it's easier to tell at a glance what's going on and when.

Yes, I do have my main calendars turned off, OK? No, I don't sit at home all of the time, just waiting to go to the gym or celebrate someone's birthday.

Most days, that is.