Quit Every Running App on Your Mac the Easy Way with Amico App's Quit All

Quitting all the open apps on your Mac involves a lot of Command-Q typing or building your own Automator action, or now just installing Quit All from Amico Apps. This cool app lets you quit every running app on your Mac from the menu bar with a mouse click, and you can view and quit hidden processes, too. You can also force quit frozen apps, or quit just the one or two apps you don’t need running. Quit All costs US$5 and is available for download at the Amico Apps website.

Apple Highlights Apps to Improve Financial Wellness

Apple highlighted three apps that it said are helping to enable financial wellness for everybody – Ellevest, Goalsetter, and Perch. It also shared the stories of the founders behind these products.

One of the first Black-woman-owned fintech and financial education apps on the App Store, Goalsetter engages kids in a uniquely relevant way: helping them start a savings account and using quizzes, GIFs, memes, and culturally relevant partnerships with celebrities and institutions to teach them and their families about saving, spending, building personal wealth, and more. For one national campaign with a mission to get 1 million Black and Brown kids saving, Goalsetter has partnered with several organizations equally committed to changing the financial futures of Black and Brown kids and families.

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