iPad vs. Xoom vs. iPad 2 Spec Comparison Chart [UPDATE]

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Apple’s much anticipated iPad 2 was announced Wednesday, and we were interested in comparing the specs to both the original iPad and Motorola’s recently announced Xoom Android tablet.

As you can see below, both the iPad 2 and the Xoom each have a few specs in their favor, but the iPad 2 is clearly the best when it comes to size, weight, price, and battery life. Apple’s iPad 2 also has the benefit of LED backlighting, which for many will be enough to overcome the Xoom’s higher resolution (see below) in terms of picture quality). iPad also has both higher and lower storage options, making the device more flexible in terms of both usage and pricing.

The Xoom is the clear favorite in four categories, starting with its display resolution (1280 x 800 compared to 1024 x 768 for iPad and iPad 2). Some users who fancy holding a tablet up as a camera may fancy the Xoom’s back-camera flash, as well. The Xoom also features stereo speakers, a feature Apple doesn’t offer, and the device includes a full GB of RAM. The iPad featured 256MB, and it appears as if iPad 2 has double that, at 512MB.

We’ll have to wait to see what the nerds and wonks have to say about Apple’s A5 dual-core processor to see how it compares to the NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor, but we expect them to be fairly comparable. Apple’s benefit here, however, is that the company was able to tailor-design its A5 to meet the precise needs of iPad 2 (and probably iPhone 5). NVIDIA has to meet the needs of multiple manufacturers and products, but it’s a very highly-rated processor.

Not included in the chart is the number of apps available for the Xoom and iPad family, largely because that might appear like we were cheating. Apple claims 60,000 apps are available for the iPad (and most of the other 290,000 iPhone apps will work in emulation mode), whereas the Xoom has a few score apps available to it.

Please note that the images below aren’t to scale.

  iPad Xoom iPad 2
Product Apple iPad 1 Motorola Xoom Apple iPad 2
OS (current) 4.2.1 Android 3.0 4.3
Dimensions (in.) 9.56 x 7.47 x 0.52 9.8 x 6.6 x 0.5 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34
Weight (lbs) 1.5 (Wi-Fi) 1.6 (3G) 1.6 1.33 (Wi-Fi) 1.35 (GSM)
Display size (Diagonal) 9.7” 10.1” 9.7”
Display Resolution 1024 x 768 (w/LED Backlighting) 1280 x 800 1024 x 768 (w/LED Backlighting)
Processor A4 (single core) NVIDIA Tegra dual core A5 (dual core)
RAM (MB) 256 1024 512?
User Storage (GB) 16/32/64 32 16/32/64
Front Camera x 2 MP VGA
Rear Camera x  5 MP (720p) HD (720p)
Camera Flash x x
Audio/speaker mono spkr, stereo headphone stereo mono spkr, stereo headphone
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 802.11 a/b/g/n 802.11 a/b/g/n
3G Radio (CDMA) x
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR 2.1 + EDR 2.1 + EDR
GPS w/3G w/3G
Battery Life 10 hr (25-watt-hr) ~24.5 watt-hr 10 hr (25 watt-hr)

Gyroscope x
Video out x HDMI 1.4 HDMI (w/ accessory)
Sensors Ambient Light Ambient Light Ambient Light
Colors Black Black Black or White
Price (Wi-Fi) $399/$499/$599 Unannounced, but “around $600 $499/$599/$699
Price (3G) $529/$629/$729 $799 $629/$729/$829

John Martellaro assisted with this article.

[Update: The article was updated with Apple’s new pricing on the original iPad. - Editor]

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Just wanted to post a great set of comments by Rob Enderle from this link: Google.  Wow, what a great summary.

“It often seems like companies that compete with Apple self-destruct. Rumblings at the Game Developers Conference this week had me wondering if Google was actively trying to kill Android. Developers were upset that Google was so hard to work with, changed direction often, and that they weren?t making any money off their games. It appears that the average on Apple?s store is around $5K, and on Android it?s closer to $500 for small independents. At RSA last week, there was a huge amount of discussion on how malware is being introduced into the Google store, and this week on how a large number of infected applications were found and removed. Google also managed to lose a ton of Gmail messages this week, which is one of the most competitive applications on Android. Google is quickly becoming untrusted, and seems to be meandering down a list of Microsoft mistakes, having confused it for some kind of to-do list. Google remains the most likely firm to take the fight to Apple this year, but if it can?t stop tripping over its own feet, the battle will never be joined.”

I am sure there will be immediate retaliation to me posting these comments, with lots of counter-arguments and misdirection, but these comments really hold true in my mind.


Trying to start a fire with BH? hehehe


Apps with malware concern me more. than particular stats of the devices.


Trying to start a fire with BH? hehehe

Who me?!?!?  Hee hee.

Wow, reading your link paikinho - really scary stuff.  Glad I am in the “walled garden” when nasty stuff that “acts as a wide-open backdoor for your device to quietly download more malicious code” is out there.  I trust millions of others will feel the same way for a long time to come.  Definitely worth my money to keep that garbage from happening!!

Happy days are here again!!


Just a comment: the artwork you use makes it look like the iPad 2 is larger than the iPad (1), when in fact it’s smaller.


Nothing about the open source environment on the Xoom?


You forgot to mention the fact that the XOOM has a micro SD interface.  Granted, it is ot activated at release, but at least one will be able to double the user RAM to 64GB, and allow data to be archived to various SD chips.  That was a key shortfall to the iPAD…aside form the fact that you can’t change the UI, that is.


We can nitpic the fine elements of app stores or whatnot, but the iPad is fundamentally broken, and therefore useless at any price.  The ONE single requirement for a little notepad sized tablet is a browser.  99.9% of what I want is on the internet (from IMDB, Fandango, CNN, Google Docs, etc).  The only reason “apps” were created is because a 3” phone screen can’t display a “real” web page (that you could see).  If you have a real computer (OS X, Windows 7, etc) with IE, Firefox or Chome you don’t NEED a Fandango “app” or NY Times “app”. 

The iPad can’t display Flash sites.  Sure they’re evil and should go away 5-10 years from now, but that’s millions of pages.  Before you go back peddling to explain why the iPad doesn’t “need” this, let me point out:
iMac:      Supports Flash
Mac Pro:    Supports Flash
MacBook:    Supports Flash
MacBook Pro:  Supports Flash
MacBook Air:  Supports Flash
iPad:      NO

Without Flash this is just a shiny limited toy for 6 year olds and grandparents.  It’s VERY VERY nicely designed and pretty, but not functional enough.

ALL I want is a “tablet” that gives me the ENTIRE internet.  I don’t WANT “apps”...I want the internet.


Another big iphone…I’ mobing to MOTOROLA XOOM, the real deal.


The Xoom is now the toy.

iPads are great business tools, education tools, medical tools, oh, and they’re great entertainment devices too. But we already new that.

First medical textbook is now out for iPad
Hospitals are adopting iPads at an accelerating rate.
Schools LOVE iPads because the students cannot mess around with the file systems in fact. Several school systems nationwide are putting iPads in the classroom to replace students carrying textbooks. (and how many textbooks do you know have multimedia built in?)

And one of the greatest add ons for an iPad doesn’t require a single dongle or wire. It’s wireless and ONLY available for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone (254 simultaneously to be exact!)  The ProScope Mobile

We’re showing off three of these tomorrow at our campus’ annual tech extravaganza.


zbsfan-ALL I want is a ?tablet? that gives me the ENTIRE internet.  I don?t WANT ?apps?...I want the internet.

Actually, this is very true.  A tablet without a “real” web browsing experience is, well just a cool toy.

The only justification for a tablet for myself would primarily be Web Browsing.  Not knocking the iPad, it really is a COOL gadget, but its really just an ovesized ipod touch for twice as much.


but the iPad is fundamentally broken
I am on the other side of things. I don’t care as much about the internet. I want it for my kids for their educational apps and there are a boatload. Not fundamentally broken. Just depends on what you want.

If you want it for flash, then you should get an android or stick with a netbook.

Christopher Allen

Can someone advise what is the battery life of the Xoom ?

24 watt/hr doesn’t mean anything to me, I want to know how long it can be expected to last in real world conditions.


ALL I want is a ?tablet? that gives me the ENTIRE internet.? I don?t WANT ?apps?...I want the internet.

So do I, but I also don’t care for flash. And, it’s nice to have a product where I don’t have to worry about it. However, I prefer apps over web sites. The apps are more my style; to the point.


The ProScope Mobile
Wow that is really cool for me. Thanks for that link.


@ Christopher Allen:
“Another issue Mossberg noted was Xoom?s battery life.  While Motorola advertises a 10-hour rating for the tablet, during his tests he found it only able to eke out seven-and-a-half hours.  “

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/2011/02/24/mossberg-xoom-software-impressive-pricey/#ixzz1FUJl80BE


We already know that the XOOM was tested to be the same performance-wise as the v1.0 iPad!  Why is no one bringing this up?!  The iPad2 obviously will be at least twice as fast just on that alone!

And wait till they (eventually) get Flash working on the Xoom.  Performance and battery life will be worse than it already is.

Bryan Chaffin

Just a comment: the artwork you use makes it look like the iPad 2 is larger than the iPad (1), when in fact it?s smaller.

That’s a great point. The images aren’t to scale (I was eyeballing them when putting the piece together), and I should have noted that.

In fact, I will now.

Bryan Chaffin

I should also note that a magnetometer is a fancy name for a compass, or at least the name of the device that provided compass-functionality to iPad and Xoom alike.  I modified the chart to add “Compass” to that line, and changed the x-marks to checks for both iPad generations.

Thanks to Mike Stephens and others for the heads up on this.

Bryan Chaffin

The only reason ?apps? were created is because a 3? phone screen can?t display a ?real? web page (that you could see).? If you have a real computer (OS X, Windows 7, etc) with IE, Firefox or Chome you don?t NEED a Fandango ?app? or NY Times ?app?.?

An app with native API calls beat a browser almost every time. At least to me. You can stick to your browser, but I’ll take the app for almost everything I do on the iPad and iPhone.

And Flash? Don’t miss it. At all.


just to clarify for those who need flash… Skyfire (a web browser that can open to safari’s last page) works great for about 80% of the flash sites ive used (and I admit they are few). It wont play flash games, but it dang near covers the material i felt i was “missing” on sports sites, etc. It is a great alternative really, even if it isnt perfect. And, even though i have flash on my HTC 2.2 android (yes i have 2 phones), not all site work perfectly (some not at all, a mobile problem).


These guys enable flash on mobile devices. Not sure it would work on the iPad… or would it.
I was looking at how to play starcraft on the ipad and came across their name because they enable the ability to play Starcraft on the iPad.


I honestly prefer to use an app than to try and browse the web all the time. And flash? Why allow a system onto your device which will use more resources and therefore chew up battery charge quicker? Isn’t the point of these devices to be mobile and powered for as long as possible before needing to connect to power? If anything websites should be moving forward and using the new and more widely accepted HTML5 language to code their websites in.

Keen for the new iPad. Good on you Apple, and get better Steve! don’t die on us yet!


What about just using an embeddable Open Source flash player straight from the browser? I am not an expert, but I heard about this a while ago.


Is this an alternative for those who feel the need to have flash?

Yeshua Watson

As a long time tablet user and now iPad user, I’m kind of disappointed with the results of the iPad 2. I was hoping for something truly different and new, but instead got a “Me Too, but we’re Apple” response. Retina display, not important to me and I can’t really see any difference between the old display and the new on iPhones. VGA out, got that with my jailbreak but nice to know that it’s default option now. Thinner, not really an issue since I stopped holding my iPad like a book a while ago. Dual-core processor, impressive for my note taking apps that I use to write with, but until Apple does something about the “angle of incidence” touch screen, then pens won’t work properly (I know this is how they were able to patent the device, but for pens, this is useless). Improved RAM is definitely something the multitaskers are going to like, since we’ll see fewer apps closing out and browser “tabs” refreshing when switching between tabs.

Overall, it’s not as much “wow” as expecting. Maybe the media hyped it up too much, maybe I’ve just grown out of it, but I find myself using this device less and less everyday.

BTW, anyone wanting a better browser experience on their iPads, check out iCab in the app store. Well worth the money. And for those of you who say you can live without flash, you’re delusional. Visiting websites that utilize flash and not being able to enjoy the site is a real pain in the butt, especially if you’ve replaced your laptop with an iPad when traveling. I do understand people’s frustration with it though, especially sites that have 5+ ads that are all in flash. But if Apple could do something like my Android phone has with enabling the flash parts of the website only when I touch it to do so, I think this would be a great addition to the device.

For now, I think I’m going to sell it on ebay jailbroken, and use what money I get to purchase a Xoom. The iPad is a great device, but it wasn’t supposed to be a replacement for tablet PC users looking to upgrade.


Even the Xoom doesn’t support Flash. Why? Because Motorola didn’t want Flash’s poor performance on Mobile devices to interfere with the initial reviews of its product.

Jobs claimed the only reason Flash isn’t supported on mobile iOS devices is because Flash wasn’t shipping a suitable product. Today, that is still true. If that were to change, I suspect Apple might reevaluate if demand required it to do so.

Meanwhile, I actually like apps specific to a website. It is like hitting a book mark in a browser. I go directly to the content. I haven’t missed anything on the iPad or iPhone. In fact, many Sites are better.

Without Flash this is just a shiny limited toy for 6 year olds and grandparents.? It?s VERY VERY nicely designed and pretty, but not functional enough.


Prices for Motorola Xoom are wrong:

It can be purchased for $600 ($599) with 2-year contract. Proof:


Overall, it?s not as much ?wow? as expecting.
But enough improvement to make me buy one which is what Apple needs.


RAM to 64GB

are you retarded?


One thing that’s interesting is that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is actually the only Android 3.0 tablet that is LIGHTER Than the iPad 2. That’s right. 599g vs 607g. Not a big difference but it is what it is. See lots more about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at


Galaxy Tab has an expected life of a few months. Samsung just signed a deal with Apple to give them 60% of their production yield of components. Sort of hard to make your own product when you sell all your components to the competitor (of course, they’re making a boatload of cash doing so).


Ive had the 1st gen iPad since release day, flash is not needed. Fewer and fewer website use it and like everything else in iOS there’s an app for flash too. It’s called sky fire and it doesn’t drain your battery like the plug ins for android. My poor MacBook pro never leaves the house anymore because there’s a app that can do just about everything it can do, but takes up a lot less space. I Think apps are very important at this stage of the game but eventually Android will catch up and the hardware is already neck and neck. In the end I think people will chose the device that is most dependable and consistent, this is were apple has everyone beet, Mac= no virus, pc = virus, iOS = no virus, android= well were all starting to see it now aren’t we

Dean Lewis

And for those of you who say you can live without flash, you?re delusional.

I live without Flash on my Mac. If I can do that on a computer, surely I can do it on a tablet device. Take your “delusional” and name-call somewhere else.

It can be purchased for $600 ($599) with 2-year contract. Proof:

Really? You want to compare a price tying you to a 2-year contract (thereby increasing your ownership cost) with prices that don’t require any contract and the capability of purchasing 3G access on a month-to-month basis? Let’s do that, so it proves the cost of hte iPad is less over time than the Xoom. Does that Xoom still require a contract or month of 3G service to unlock wireless networking capability, too? It did last I checked. How insane is that?


Doesn’t the IPad 1 also have a LED backlit screen?  The chart makes it appear as only the IPad 2 has this.


The cost for the Xoom is not listed correctly.  It’s 599/799.


ipad realli did screw up with flash…..if it had flash hands down id buy it but now i dunno what to do cuz i do like the apps 2…there so dumb put the damn flash in and ull kill the market…so dumb of apple


I agree that apps are a more efficient way to get information from specific sources than browsing. On the other hand I don’t have many apps installed so finding information from sources other than those apps can be a royal pain. I hate browsing on my iPod touch because it’s an endless game of pinching and scrolling. The iPad seems much better, but I don’t have a lot of experience browsing on one.

Mobile Flash doesn’t do much other than play video and shove ads in my face. I don’t need or want it on my mobile devices.

Real Flash for the desktop can be useful and entertaining, but most of the time I browse using Safari with ClickToFlash enabled so I can load Flash elements on an as-wanted basis only.


WHAT ? No GSM in Xoom ??? Well, then, good bye Motorola !!!

Bryan Chaffin

The cost for the Xoom is not listed correctly.? It?s 599/799.

Prices for Motorola Xoom are wrong:

It can be purchased for $600 ($599) with 2-year contract.

While one can purchase xoom at a subsidized price, the prices given for all of the devices in the chart are the retail prices, and they are accurate.

If you’d like to get a Xoom with a two year contract, please feel free to do so.

Tom Santos

The Xoom costs $600 with wifi, not $800.

Marc G.

Its funny how the chart leaves out the 4G/ LTE part. That column would have a ? next to the Xoom and an X next to the iPad 2.
  They also incorrectly listed the price of the Wi-Fi only version of the Xoom as $799 when it is actually yet to be announced.  That price is likely to be $499 just like the 16 gig Wi-Fi only iPad 2.
  What that means: For $500 plus tax, you could have the Xoom; which has twice the ram, twice the storage capacity (with the option to ad a micro sd card, a 5mp camera (instead of a 3mp on the iPad) on the back, a 2mp camera on the front (instead of a 1mp on the iPad), and two different kinds of flash; one for your camera, and one from Adobe.  Or you could waste that $500 on the 16 gig iPad 2.


Isn’t the Wi-Fi version of the Xoom $599, not $799? Just trying to compare the facts to see how they stack up.


ipad realli did screw up with flash
Flash apparently is a battery killer.
The Xoom even without flash only gets about hours battery life. With flash going on? South of 5 hours.

I think having a functional ipad for 10 hours sounds more appealing. But then again I will be buying one for the apps. I find flash to be annoying for the most part.


7 hour battery life on xoom without flash… hmmmm.

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks for the note(s) on the WiFi-only Xoom pricing.  I edited the chart to include Moto’s comments that his company will price it at “around $600.” I included a link to those comments in the chart.





Seriously Bob?  In all uppercase as well?  Ouch, that one smarts.

Were you finished?  Well allow me to retort.  android fangirl.

LMAO.  What a riot.


You missed a few key items. 
- They both have the same bluetooth but only the Xoom supports hands free (the kind of bluetooth in my car) as well as HID bluetooth.  Apple shuts down both of these types of bluetooth.
- The Xoom can do a wifi hotspot and the Ipad is locked out
- The sd card slot is a huge deal and you didn’t list it
- Flash support is a huge deal and you didn’t list it
- The Xoom can play 1080p video and the Ipad maxes out at 720p for movies
Lastly, the Xoom is a true 16/9 aspect ratio (which matches most movies, screens, and video) and the Ipad is the old 4/3


check out this three way comparison between the ipad, ipad 2, and motorola xoom



I am not sure the Xoom Wifi only model will have GPS since like the iPad they are getting this for free with the cellular chip.  Might want to put a ? mark there until you can confirm.

k. Cage

The xoom has a barometer , records in 720p but can also playback 1080p, and I’m sorry apple not having flash or removable sd slot is a big deal… full web experience separates any device from being a mere phone.. but who know ipad3 may have it to tempt others to buy a feature that the device should have had at release..I’m getting a Xoom


Ive been down both roads here and the xoom just doesnt have it, the ipad is a far superior machine, battery life, functionality and everything else. Apple is where its at, not to mention a better app store, the amount of problems saved by not having flash are well worth it. IPAD=WIN


I am an entry purchaser. Well actually, that’s not quite true. I got my feet wet on a crappy nextbook second chance buy for $160. But even with all the glitches that “tablet” had, I saw the light as far as this being the new hot must have item, especially for those who will use it mainly for business.

That being said, I loved my iphone, and no other “smart” phone I have used since could compare to the seamless integration and operation with perfect functionality that the iphone gave me. So I will definitely bet my money on the stable and user friendly ipad 2 and not the often found insufficient motorola brand with a few “flashy” add ons. The only drawback is the waiting until 3 am to buy one at the apple site.


iPad 2 smokes the competition, despite some specs:



I own the Ipad 1 and the xoom. I like how simple the I pad is. My 3 yr old can play with it. That said I personally love android and honeycomb is sweet. Although it has a few kinks to work out. I don’t get the either or mentality that apple fan boys and android heads have. Enjoy both IMO.


How right you are. The iPad has a place. Android tabs will have a place too. They will hopefully sell a bundle so there can be a nice ragin’ competition with continuing innovation. It is the only way to ensure that things improve.

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