iSobre Unveils MacBook Air Envelope-style Sleeve has unveiled an interoffice mailing envelope-style carry sleeve for the MacBook Air. Itis made of Spanish leather and comes in two models.

"After watching the last keynote I decided to buy a Mac Book Air ? my disappointment came when I could not find a suitable sleeve for my air to travel along. Due to my professional circumstances I decided to do something about it - so I created?," Alex Ulloa told TMO

Student version

"The current offer of sleeves did not take into account what a Mac user wants which is functionality, durability, a great design and a little bit of playfulness. I believe the isobre is all that. ?Our leather (for both models) are tanned to stand the test of time and be more and more appealing with use," Mr. Ulloa added.

The iSobre student is priced at ?29.99 and the Executive version at ?49.99. Shipping charges to the U.S. and Canada are ?20.00. Both are immediately available and can be purchased via PayPal.