Mac OS X: Printing Blank Calendars from iCal

A lot of folks I know still need paper calendars for one reason or another, and based on the number of mall kiosks I see hawking the darned things, selling them must be a booming business. So it’s a relief to know that you can print nicely formatted blank calendars right from iCal. 

If you’re using MobileMe, this should be very easy. Open iCal and hit Command-P (or choose File > Print). Then simply deselect all of your calendars from the right-hand side of the window and choose how many months you’d like to print.

The exciting and wonderful iCal print window.

However, if you’re not using MobileMe, deselecting all of your calendars will most likely result in an unfriendly notice that there is nothing to print. Weird, huh?

To get around this problem if the steps above didn’t work, add a blank calendar from your main iCal window (by clicking the plus button in the bottom-left or by choosing File > New Calendar). Then when you go to print, you can deselect all of your calendars except for the blank one you’ve just created, and you’ll get the same nicely formatted pages. Note, though, that you might want to also deselect “Calendar keys” from that same printing window; this will prevent the name of your test calendar from showing up on your sheets.

See? You don’t really need that “Alien Babes of Star Trek” calendar, do you? Or maybe you do. I’m not judging.