Reuters: Mac Gaming Boom Times, or More Bust?

The return of Electronic Arts to the Mac platform represents a good opportunity for the Mac platform to once again be a major player in the gaming market, but the end result could be more of the same oli fizzle, according to a report on the subject from Reuters. The Steve Jobs keynote at WWDC in which EA CEO Bing Gordon announced six new titles coming to the Mac and John Carmack of Id Software showed a new Mac-compatible gaming engine served as the backdrop for the piece.

Appleis move to Intel and the companyis surge in market share are both cited as contributing factors to increased game development on the Mac platform. "Apple is gaining market share and itis getting near the point where itis enough market share to support," Mr. Gordon told Reuters in an interview.

The piece also noted, however, that EAis Mac titles will not be direct ports, but will instead use TransGamingis Cider technology that allows Windows games to run on Mac OS X. Unnamed gamers were cited as being concerned that will have a negative impact on Mac performance for those titles.

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