Clever FlipStand Case for All iPad minis Features Portrait or Landscape Stand

Felix has created a clever and functional stand for the iPad mini with the release of its FlipStand case.  It can protect the front or back of your iPad and, when opened, a stand automatically opens. It also features strategically placed magnets that makes sure your iPad stays off when in the carry mode. The FlipStand case works with all generations of the iPad mini.

FlipStand case is available in black or tan

Using The Product

This case is a pleasure to use. There is a built-in gutter that will hold your mini in place in either horizontal or vertical mode when you are using it. A flap opens when the case is in user mode that automatically creates an adjustable stand by catching one of the many grooves. (See photo below.)

Examples of case in use.

The stand is very sturdy and easy to adjust. It neither wobbles nor slips once the chosen height is set.

View of angle options

To protect the mini when not in use, simply flip it over so that the screen faces the back and is protected. A closer is snapped in place, and the iPad mini screen is completely protected. The gutter that holds the mini in place when in use, provides an easy grip for transporting.

The snap lock holds the iPad mini securely in place.

Do I  Recommend it?

I do. The MSRP is US$49.99 which seems a bit high, but the case is easy to use, looks good, holds the iPad mini securely in place and it has a slim profile. I am thoroughly enjoying my experience with it.

Product: FlipStand iPad mini Case

Company: Felix

List Price: US$49.99



Slim profile, holds iPad mini securely for travel, provides a sturdy, stable stand which opens automatically and is easy to grip. Includes magnetic sleep/wake. Allows for portrait or landscape mode.


None noted other than being relatively expensive.