The iPad HandStand Does Double Duty

The HandStand is an ergonomically designed product for the iPad. Not only does it allow the user to safely hold the iPad in one hand with a 360° rotation option, but it also serves as a slightly elevated stand for desk top use.

The product itself is molded polyurethane, the same product used to make skateboard wheels. However, it is fairly flexible and it is easy to insert and remove the iPad. The HandStand is available in black or white, sells for US$59.95 and is only available through the company web site.

HandStand for iPad

There is a safety-grip that conforms to the fingers natural tendency to rest in a curved state. There is also a strap made from heavy duty brushed finish elastic, designed to hold the hand in place.

The HandStand rests at a 3-point triangulated slope for tabletop use when not on the hand. The 360° rotation ability allows the user to choose vertical or horizontal placement.

Example of user hand in place for effective use of HandStand


HandStand in desktop mode

Using the product

All the openings line up appropriately, and it is easy to insert and remove the iPad. The strap on the back is wide and tight enough that it feels both comfortable and secure, even for someone with small hands.  The safety-grip on the back provides for a steady hold and makes a big difference when trying to use the iPad while holding it with one hand.  

During my testing, I thought of people taking inventory or medical staff entering data at bedsides. I pulled up my Bento app and, using the HandStand to hold the iPad, tried entering data into my database. It worked very well. I was able to quickly enter data and move on to the next record with ease because of the stability afforded by the HandStand. Anyone who must perform these kinds of tasks should take a look at this product.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. This product is not for everyone, particularly at a price point of US$59.95. However, for those who have a need to hold their iPad in one hand and work with it with the other, it has a great deal to offer. It’s well designed and sturdy. The inclined stand for desktop use is a nice added bonus that indicates thoughtful design on the part of the designer.

Product: HandStand

Company: Hub International LLC

List Price: US$59.95



Product is well designed, offers hand free operation of an iPad, as well as an inclined desktop stand.



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