UNIEA Haptique Hardshell Case for MacBook 13-Inch Aluminum

UNIEA recently launched a hard case for the new 13-inch alunimum Macbook called the Haptique. It comes in a variety of colors and it is an ideal way to protect your cool new aluminum MacBook.

The case comes in two pieces and each piece just snaps on to the top and bottom of your computer. It could not be easier to attach. Once in place it simply stays in place, but if you want to remove it, you can do so by pealing it off.

It is a hard, protective case with an ultra-soft interior lining that protects the surface of your MacBook from scratches, but the outside feels like suede, and as you can see from the image, the Apple logo on your Mac shows through so there is no question in anyone's mind exactly what kind of computer you are using.

Haptique Hardshell Case

There are ventilation ports to keep your MacBook cool and easy access to all the necessary ports. I borrowed a MacBook for several days to evaluate this case and there was no problem with overheating during my testing.

The case comes in black, white, orange, green, blue, and pink. It is currently only available for the 13-inch MacBook, but the company has announced plans to release a version for the 15-inch MacBook Pro in March 2009.

Haptique Case Colors

The Bottom Line

I found this product to be attractive, easy to use, and tough. It did just what it said it would do: protect the expensive MacBook it was designed to protect. As a side note, just like Apple, UNIEA packages its products in designer boxes that say "We are proud of our products."


Product: Haptique Hardshell Case For MacBook 13-Inch Aluminum

Company: UNIEA

List Price: 49.95

Vendor Price: 47.95



The lightweight, slim design is not heavy and it easily fit into my computer case. I like that the Apple Logo shows through. It's a nice touch. The price is reasonable, it is easy to attach to the computer and easy to remove. I feel it gives good protection.