Uniea Omniverse Silk Fiber iPad Case

I have to admit that whenever I get a review package from Uniea my expectations are high. I expect to find a high quality, well crafted, classy case and those expectations are doubled when the case is from the Omniverse line.

I recently was invited to check out the new Omniverse silk fiber case for the iPad, and Uniea has not disappointed.

Omniverse iPad Case From Uniea

This case is specifically designed for the 9.7 inch iPad, and it is a companion piece to the other items in the Omniverse line of cases. It weighs 7.75 oz. It is available in dark green, charcoal, and dark red.

The inside contains memory foam for protection and corner flaps to keep the iPad in place. Since I have dropped my iPad twice already I like the corner flaps. Both times when it was dropped it was encased in a rubber like case that fit around the back and the front edges, but it still slipped out of my hands when my cat unexpectedly jumped in my lap. (She has very clear ideas about how much time may be spent with electronics and how much time must be spent with her.) Both times it fell fell face first. With the Omniverse case, I have something more substantial to grip and I don’t drop it, no matter what the situation.

The case also features a tote handle that can be hidden when not in use and rugged, heavy duty zippers. The side pockets that hold the handles when not in use cover the whole exterior of each side, so papers, a pogo pointer or other small items could be carried there. The one I reviewed is made of silk fiber, but there is also a nylon version. Both versions are water resistant. Either one is subtle and sophisticated. 

The Bottom Line

It is sturdy, well made and attractive. It is appropriate for both men and women and makes a sophisticated statement for anyone who uses it while, providing excellent protection for the iPad.

The Basics

Company: Uniea  
Price: $39.95
Colors: Charcoal, Green, Dark Red
Warranty: one Year
Companion to: Other Omniverse cases

Product: Omniverse Silk Fiber iPad Case

Company: Uniea

List Price: $39.95



Sturdy, attractive iPad case that zips and offers corner flaps to hold iPad in place.



None identified.