iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13 (2021): Which iPhone is Best for You?

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With the recent announcement of the new iPhone SE (2022) as Apple’s latest addition to its iPhone lineup, many people who are planning to get a new iPhone or upgrade their current handset are probably in a dilemma right now. Will it be more practical to get the new iPhone SE or spend a few hundred more for the iPhone 13 to enjoy extra features?

As announced, the latest iteration of the iPhone SE comes with the same A15 Bionic chip found in all iPhone 13 models. Similarly, it is also 5G compatible, and the front-facing camera supports Center Stage. To make these features available in the iPhone SE, Apple increased the starting price by around $30 while maintaining the same 4.7-inch screen of the previous iPhone SE released in 2020.

Let’s take a closer look at what we know of the specs and features of the new iPhone SE and compare it to the iPhone 13 to help those who are planning to get a new iPhone or upgrade their current handset choose which iPhone to get.

iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13: What’s Similar?

As mentioned the new iPhone SE comes with the same A15 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 13. This means that it can provide the same processing power but at a much lower cost.

Aside from the A15-powered CPU, both the new iPhone SE and iPhone 13 sport a 12MP wide-angle rear camera with f/1.8 and f.1.6 apertures, respectively. So they both can take high-resolution photos that are good enough for posting to social media channels. But since the iPhone 13 is more expensive, it has an additional ultra-wide camera lens that works wonderfully when taking photos of sceneries and large groups of people.

Finally, both the new iPhone SE and iPhone 13 are 5G compatible. This means that the iPhone SE should pretty much provide the same connectivity experience as the iPhone 13. There are differences, however, in the two iPhones’ 5G capabilities.

iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13: What’s Different?

Given the huge difference in the price range of the iPhone SE and iPhone 13, the difference between the two iPhones when it comes to specs and features is also worth considering when deciding which iPhone to get.

Starting with the camera, the iPhone 13 boasts a 12MP front-facing camera as compared to the 7MP front-facing camera of the iPhone SE. When it comes to the quality of selfie photos, it could be a big issue for some while not too much for others.

The most significant difference between the new iPhone SE and the iPhone 13 is probably the screen size and display quality. As previously mentioned, the new iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch LCD. This is definitely way behind the 6.7-inch OLED display when it comes to display capability. Games, movies and other graphics-intensive content will certainly look better on the iPhone 13.

Aside from the display screen, another major difference that is worth noting between the new iPhone SE and iPhone 13 is the biometrics feature. Apple maintained the TouchID and home button of older models on the iPhone SE. This gives users a much different interaction with the handset as compared to the experience provided by the FaceID and gesture control on the iPhone 13.

iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13: Which One to Get?

After weighing all the salient similarities and differences between the new iPhone SE and iPhone 13, one major factor to consider when deciding which one to get is ultimately the price.

The starting price for the new iPhone SE is $429, while for the iPhone 13 is $699. The almost $300 price difference is enough reason for some people to choose the iPhone SE. For those who don’t mind spending a few hundred more to enjoy extra features such as bigger screen size and better display quality and additional camera features, the iPhone 13 is a better choice.

2 thoughts on “iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13 (2021): Which iPhone is Best for You?

  • Plus the 13 has twice the storage capacity of the SE in base configuration (64 vs. 128). So add $100 to the price of the base Mini for a more accurate comparison. Still a price difference but not as great a jump when you consider screen size, screen quality and cameras.

  • This article is a little misleading, because you shift the comparison from the 13 Pro Max (6.7″ screen) to the 13 Mini ($699) without clarifying. If you compare to the 13 Mini all the way, it’s a lot closer, with the Mini having a slightly larger screen (5.4″ vs 4.7, with part of the Mini’s screen being unusable due to the notch) in a slightly smaller frame due to the Mini’s smaller bezels.

    You can see a detailed spec comparison on Apple’s web site: https://www.apple.com/iphone/compare/?modelList=iphoneSE3rdgen,iphone13mini,iphone13promax

    The Mini and SE both look good for their price. None of the current midrange Android phones support mmWave 5G either, so I don’t hold that against Apple too much. The big difference for me is the display. The SE’s display is its weakest point. 326PPI LCD vs 476PPI OLED is a significant and noticeable difference in daily use, even if you don’t care about HDR.

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