5 Reasons to Buy Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 Features

There are a few stand-out Apple Watch Series 3 features that you absolutely must have. When Cupertino announced the Apple Watch Series 3, we were inundated with details about the new wearable device. Because of that, you might not have noticed the really cool things the latest Apple Watch is capable of. Let’s take a look at what’s really great about this third-generation Apple Watch. This will also help you see why it’s time to buy an Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 3 Features
There are plenty of great Apple Watch Series 3 features, but these five are the true highlights of the wearable device

Cellular Calling Without Your iPhone

Perhaps the biggest draw for many is going to be the ability to make and receive phone calls using their Apple Watch, even when away from their iPhone. Cupertino has put plenty of thought and engineering into this, and it should work beautifully.

When you lose the connection between your iPhone and your LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3, the wearable device automatically turns on its cellular connection. The entire display is a UMTS and LTE antenna, which should provide excellent reception outdoors and good coverage inside.

Since the Apple Watch uses your cellular telephone number, you don’t have to worry about people not knowing how to reach you. They just call your normal mobile number, and the call is automatically routed to your Apple Watch. It’s not looking like the convenience will cost you an arm and a leg, either. Wireless service is running US $10 per month, so far.

Apple Music Streaming Whenever, Wherever

Picture this: you’re going out on your morning run, and want to listen to music while you work out. Normally, this would mean either uploading a playlist to your Apple Watch, a painfully slow process, or finding some way to cart along your iPhone.

With an LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3, you don’t have to do that. It has full data connectivity even when you leave your iPhone at home, so you can stream your tunes straight from your wrist. Now that Apple Music, in all of its glory, is included in watchOS 4, you have access to all of your playlists and library.

That means that no matter where you are and whether you have your iPhone with you, you’ll be able to stream Apple Music on your wearable device. For me, this is one of the best of the Apple Watch Series 3 features.

A Built-In Barometric Altimeter

Your Apple Watch does an amazing job of tracking your activity, but it hasn’t been all that terrific at monitoring elevation gain or loss. Previous models have lacked a barometric altimeter, so keeping track of how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed or how much elevation you’ve gained on your run has always been a job for your iPhone.

With the Apple Watch Series 3, that problem is a thing of the past. The wearable device now includes its own barometric altimeter. That will make Apple Watch better at tracking activity, flights climbed, and outdoor workouts that include elevation gain.

Siri Found Her Voice

Fourth, Siri on the Apple Watch has finally found her voice. With Apple Watch Series 3, you can ask Siri questions and hear her respond using the wearable device’s built-in speaker. This only works on the latest generation of the Apple Watch, though — we’ve tested it on the Series 2 and Siri remains mute.

Why does this matter? Imagine needing to send a text message while you’re driving. You have always been able to dictate that message using Siri on your Apple Watch, but making sure she got it right hasn’t been so easy. With older models of the Apple Watch, you have to actually read the text message for yourself, which is unsafe when you’re driving.

With Apple Watch Series 3, Siri will be able to read that message back to you, so all you have to do is listen and respond with, “Yes, send it.”

More Effective Wireless Power Consumption

Under the hood, Apple has changed things up quite a bit with the Apple Watch Series 3. This brings us to our fifth, but definitely not least important, of the great Apple Watch Series 3 features. Not only has the processor improved, but so has the wireless chipset. The new custom wireless chip, called W2, greatly improves the Apple Watch Series 3’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi internet and Bluetooth, without sacrificing battery life.

Apple advertises that the new W2 chipset provides 85 percent faster Wi-Fi connectivity. That means speedier downloads and synchronization with your iPhone. The new W2 chip also makes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 50 percent more power efficient, so you get the same battery life from your Apple Watch Series 3 without needing to increase the size of the wearable device.

What Are Your Favorite Apple Watch Series 3 Features?

Those are the highlights, as I see them. What strikes you as the best feature or features of the Apple Watch Series 3? Let us know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Buy Apple Watch Series 3

  • Feature #1-Cellular Calling Without Your iPhone:

    Now Apple has my attention.

    I’d like to hear more details about this and real life usage.
    Is there a Phone app on the Watch?
    Can one enter a new contact?
    Is there a on-screen keypad?

    And everyone is wondering about sound quality versus background noise.

    I assume that the sound can be switched between watch’s speaker and earphones?
    BTW, do the Apple EarPods have built-in microphones?

    If Watch 3 can function as a full stand-alone phone, then I’ll take a look.
    Will the Watch 3 function if someone does not own an iPhone at all?
    Can the Watch 3 be “managed” from a computer, rather than a phone?

    I do not see any of this info.

  • Feature #2–Streaming of Apple Music:
    I’m assuming that one has to purchase an Apple Music subscription (and forego others). No subscription = no feature #2.
    So this cost needs to be specified.

  • Jeff:

    As a huge fan of the AW, I’m delighted to see TMO champion its value proposition. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it has become an important component of my work and leisure, so much so that, insidiously, it has become indispensable. It’s not simply the best watch I’ve ever owned, it’s one of the best pieces of kit I’ve ever owned, as in usefulness. I’m constantly retrieving info and communicating short messages from AW all day.

    I will undoubtedly upgrade to Series 3, primarily for spoken Siri, for the very reasons that you’ve mentioned. I can think of a number of situations in which I’ve wished Siri were audible on my AW.

    Another feature is the altimeter. If I don’t have my phone when going up and down stairs as part of my workout, it doesn’t appear to register.

    The superior speed and power consumption is another attraction. My Series 2 seems no faster than my original for things like software updates. Bleeding slow.

    As for phone calls, these have been unsatisfactory in the main, on my AW, (think Maxwell Smart in the Cone of Silence), yet there have been times when that’s what was most convenient. I was impressed with the demo yesterday, and hope that this experience, too, is an upgrade.

    The form factor, never my favourite feature, has grown on me.

  • Reason #6, you have an Apple Watch 1

    you’re going out on your morning run, and want to listen to music while you work out…Now that Apple Music, in all of its glory, is included in watchOS 4, you have access to all of your playlists and library.

    Does that include music you obtained from places other than the iTunes Store?

    1. Streaming, just Apple Music, according to the information we have now. Synchronization should include must from places other than iTunes, if those tunes are in a playlist that’s synced to your Watch.

      1. Thanks Jeff. It is confusing and I can’t find a good how-to for how to best do it. I.synch playlists to my iPhone and see Playlists and Downloaded Music; which do I use and why?

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