Apple Watch Series 3 is coming on September 22, and some models will support LTE phone calls and data. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint have already committed to supporting the feature and they’re all charging US$10 a month.

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE

Apple Watch Series 3 cellular data plan costs $10 a month

The new models include GPS, and some models support LTE, although to get a cellular plan you need to have iPhone on the carrier, too. Translation: your new Apple Watch is still an accessory for your iPhone and not a replacement.

Requiring you to already have a cellular plan doesn’t mean your iPhone has to be nearby to use your Apple Watch Series 3 to send and receive calls. Carriers are considering the watch’s cellular plan an add-on to your existing contract.

As TMO noted yesterday, Verizon is sweetening the pot by offering three free months of service when you sign up for a new Apple Watch Series 3 plan.

Apple Watch Series 3 pricing starts at $399 with LTE, or $329 without. You can pre-order the new watch models on Friday, September 15th.

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I bet it’s $10 a month with a new contract, no old Unlimited Contracts allowed


I doubt my Voice team will allow this to be added to my company paid iPhone plan, so no sale.

Not really sure I need LTE on my wrist anyway. I’m more likely to leave my watch at home than my iPhone.

Lee Dronick

I am not sure that it is worth it. My iPhone and I are joined at the hip, pun intended, and do things together other than make calls with photography not being the least of them. I suppose the milage of other users vary.

$10/month because sometimes users want to go out without the iPhone?

Yeah I was wondering that too. What’s next charging me to receive calls on my Mac and iPad?


Hmm. Step-by-step, Dick Tracy is coming. Grab your trench coat and fedora.