Get a Discount on a Subway Footlong With Apple Pay

We all like free stuff, but sometimes even just a few dollars off is still a great thing. Cupertino has offered discounts in the past to use its mobile digital wallet, and now has a new offer. Apple is offering a great discount on a Subway footlong. US customers who use Apple Pay with the Subway app can get a $2 discount off a footlong sandwich. All you have to do is install the Subway app on your iPhone or iPad, and order your sandwich in advance. If you use Apple Pay along with the promo code APPLEPAY, you’ll get two dollars off your order. This promotion only lasts until August 25, so take it advantage of it while you can. Define print states that the offer is only valid at participating subway locations in the United States, and extras, add-ons, and taxes are additional. You can’t use any other discounts or coupons with this offer, and Footlong PRO™ and Signature Wraps don’t count.

‘Apple Music Electron’ is a Free, Open Source Alternative

Apple Music Electron is a free, lightweight, open source alternative to iTunes and other Apple Music applications based on Electron 13.1.0. Features include: Custom themes, language detection, customizable CSS, song notifications, auto updater, and your typical media controls like play/pause. There are multiple ways you can install it, and it’s even available on Linux.

Add a Free COVID-19 Vaccine Passport to Apple Wallet Using VaxYes

Congratulations on being fully vaccinated against COVID-19! Now? Well, you can take a photo of your record or scan it into Files/Apple Notes. And with a service called VaxYes from gogetdoc you can add it to Apple Wallet for greater convenience. You’ll have to give them a picture of your vaccine card as well as a photo of your ID. The company uses AES-256 encryption (referred to as “military grade”) and is fully compliant with HIPAA. Gogetdoc has HIPAA-trained quality control agents and medical staff to ensure appropriate details are collected for verification of the record before issuing a digital vaccine card. Tap on “Get a Free Vaccine Passport” and follow the onscreen instructions. I did it and the process to get the Wallet passport took about 60 seconds. If you live in the UK you can get a passport with this article.

Scrabble-Like Game ‘wurdweb’ Now Available on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade players who love puzzles should check out the new game wurdweb. Grab words from a list and cross them with words on the board. Puzzle your way towards a Finish Tile, put down enough words, or put down as many
words as you can. In this game, you’ll find: Infinite unique puzzles, generated by an intelligent algorithm; Tangle Mode, where you pick up extra words to put down 15 words; Precise Mode, where puzzles have a single solution; Daily, Weekly and Monthly Mode, where you put down as many words as you can. On top of that, you’ll also find; 20+ word themes, some of which are rather…peculiar; Plenty of puzzle variations to challenge how you play; Cute little characters who walk around in your puzzles doing absolutely nothing. Play with controllers compatible with your device.

This Hardware Hack Gives iPhone Dual-SIM Support

In China, owners of the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 models enjoy dual-SIM support. This means they can insert two nano-SIMs, even from different carriers, into their phones. This feature is only available in China, and Apple doesn’t provide the configurations anywhere else. In the iPhone 12, of course, you have the possibility of using your physical SIM card along with a second, digital eSIM. YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys , however, had the idea to try swapping the SIM reader and tray in a non-Chinese iPhone for one from China. Surprisingly, the hardware hack works and provides dual-SIM support for non-Chinese iPhones. It’s definitely an advanced-level task, since it requires removing the display from your device. Still, if you want to have support for two physical SIM cards in your iPhone, it definitely seems within reach.

Update to ProtonVPN Adds WireGuard Protocol, iOS Kill Switch

WireGuard is a new VPN protocol (and VPN itself) designed to be faster and more efficient than IPsec and OpenVPN. It passes network traffic over UDP. In its latest update, ProtonVPN has added support for WireGuard as a beta feature. Another feature for the iOS app is the Kill Switch which was previously only found on the desktop version. The Kill Switch will stop all network connections on your system if the VPN connection drops to prevent accidental IP leaks.

New App ‘Nanogram’ is a Telegram Client for Apple Watch

Nanogram is a brand new Apple Watch app that acts as a Telegram client. Features: Send, receive, and see all your messages & notifications right from your wrist – even when you don’t have your phone around. Experience the freedom of going truly phone-less with just your Apple Watch, while staying connected to your friends & family. Also supports FlickType Swipe Keyboard, for faster & more private replies on the go (vs Scribble & Dictation, respectively). Nanogram does not collect any information. Requires Apple Watch Series 3 or later, running watchOS 7 or later.

Learn iPhone Filmmaking Techniques

Apple shared a new video on Monday that showed how various filmmaking techniques can be achieved on the iPhone. They use the Ultra Wide Lens, create a DIY crane shot, and spooky blue light effect with relatively few resources. It’s a fascinating insight into what can be achieved with a handheld device.


An iPhone 7 Photo Won the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards

The winners of the 2021 iPhone Photography Awards have been announced, and the grand prize winner is Istvan Kerekes from Hungary whose photo was of two Transylvanian shepherds (pictured above) shot using an iPhone 7. In first place is Sharon Shetty of India with a photo of a man and horse using an iPhone X. In second place, Dan Liu from China submitted a beautiful landscape using an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Finally, the third place photo is from Jeff Rayner in the United States, with a photo of a little girl on an iPhone X.

'Monodraw' is a Multi-Purpose Mac ASCII Editor

Monodraw is an editor for Mac that lets you design ASCII art and create diagrams, mind maps, banners, and more. From the website: “Monodraw allows you to easily create text-based art (like diagrams, layouts, flow charts) and visually represent algorithms, data structures, binary formats and more. Because it’s all just text, it can be easily embedded almost anywhere. Of course, exporting as images is also supported (PNG and SVG).” You can download a free trial or buy a license for US$$9.99.

‘Doodle God Universe’ is Out on Apple Arcade

Fans of Doodle God, rejoice! The newest game in the series, Doodle God Universe, is now available on Apple Arcade. In this addictive puzzle & world building game mix and match different combinations of elements to create an entire universe. As you create each new element, watch your 3D planet come alive in amazing animation. But beware, the power of creation may have unintended consequences, inventing the wheel might just trigger a zombie plague or a powerful volcano,

Fjorden iPhone Camera Grip Launches on Kickstarter

Fjorden is a professional, pocketable iPhone camera grip. It’s compatible with MagSafe iPhones like the iPhone 12 series, and there is a case for non-MagSafe iPhone 11 models. Here are some of its features: Two-Stage Shutter Button – Just like your real camera: Half-press to focus, full-press to capture the image. Customizable Control Dial – Easily adjust exposure, shutter speed, ISO, portrait mode aperture, manual focus, and other parameters without changing your hand position. Multi-Function Button – You choose what it does: Trigger portrait mode or selfie mode, select flash mode, or switch between other custom settings. Zoom Lever – Quickly switch between iPhone lenses, or smoothly zoom in and out.

How to Draw Yourself as a Peanuts Character

In a new video, The Snoopy Show storyboard artist Krista Porter and Anthony from Today at Apple provide a guide on how to draw yourself as a Peanuts character. To follow along, viewers need an iPad or iPhone and the Pages app, with the Apple Pencil optional. Share your efforts in the comments below!

‘ProtonVPN’ Introduces a New Smart Protocol Selection

ProtonVPN got an update on Tuesday with a new feature called Smart Protocol Selection. It will automatically detect and use the VPN protocol that works best on a given network, such as OpenVPN and IKEv2. This update also prepares the app for something called VPN Accelerator which will be in a future update. There are new Info buttons to provide additional information about features and supported streaming services, and the VPN connection stability has been improved.

Breastfeeding Mothers Should Install ‘Booby Track’ for Apple Watch

Booby Track is a new app designed for breastfeeding mothers to keep track of which breast you fed your baby from last. From the developer: “One Friday afternoon my partner asked if I could write an app for her watch so that she could keep track of the last boob she fed our baby with. So I did.” On the app’s website you can even watch a “making of” video. Raising kids is expensive so you can buy this app for US$1.99.

Basketball Game 'Ultimate Rivals: The Court' Now on Apple Arcade

Get ready for the ultimate arcade action basketball game featuring sports athletes from the NHL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NFL Players Association, and US women’s soccer national team players. Players will create powerhouse squads consisting of their favorite pros to compete with their friends and family in 3-on-3 games with tons of above-the-rim acrobatics. With more than 130 superstars from across the sports world, players have access to a dream roster of top athletes, but they’ll have to choose wisely to combine the pros’ playing styles and maximize their impact on the court. Set in a digital world in the near future, Ultimate Rivals: The Court is the first basketball experience to gives fans the ability to play as their favorite athletes wherever and however they choose, with pros such as NBA’s Luka Doncic, De’Aaron Fox, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, and legendary athletes like Larry Bird, Julius Erving and Shaquille O’Neal; WNBA’s Candace Parker, Diana Taurasi, Elena Delle Donne and Skylar Diggins-Smith; USWNT’s Alex Morgan; NFL’s Juju Smith-Schuster; NHL’s Alex Ovechkin and legend Wayne Gretzky.

Check Out These New iPhone Battery Wallpapers

Ben Vessey has released some new iPhone battery wallpapers as part of the Dynamo series. These wallpapers use shortcuts automation to automatically change depending on the state of your battery: Full, Low, and Charging. There are two new packs available: an album pack for music fans based on popular music icons; and a Mac-themed pack inspired by the Apple Macintosh. Each pack includes three sets of wallpapers optimized for the iPhone 6s and later. You install them using iCloud and Shortcuts running on iOS 14, with instructions included in the download.

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