'NordPass' Update Brings Improved Autofill for Passwords

The latest NordPass update introduces improvements to one of its key features — autofill. Its form-detecting algorithm recently became more efficient. Before the update, developers had to manually improve the form-detecting algorithm. Now, it is based on machine learning technology.

The part of the autofill algorithm responsible for detecting the type of form now operates with vastly improved performance compared to its previous static iteration. The algorithm is now trained using artificial neural networks to be as accurate as possible. According to NordPass developers, the current accuracy of the algorithm is 99.6%.

'Grammarly' for iOS Adds Editor and Safari Extension

The Grammarly app was recently updated to bring the editor to iPhone and iPad. Here are the new additions: Provides comprehensive writing feedback on long-form documents, along with personal statistics and milestones to help people improve along the way. Grammarly Editor is also compatible with hardware keyboards.  Grammarly’s Safari extension: Brings the best of Grammarly to any mobile web application. Grammarly Keyboard: Access Grammarly’s leading writing suggestions in any mobile application.

Buying a New Mac? Consider Using the M1 Chip Decision Tree

If you’re planning to buy a new MacBook Pro, this decision tree for the M1 Pro | Max models may be able to help. It shows you every possible configuration with the CPU, GPU, RAM, Power Adapter, and SSD. “And when I say 18 configurations, I’m not even counting the choices on SSD size. All 18 configurations come in 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4GB and 8TB. And yes, I verified that you can configure the bottom-of-the-line M1 Pro with an 8TB drive and you can configure the top-of-the-line M1 Max with only 512GB. That means there are actually 90 different ways you can configure the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pros. Unless you layer in the option of color with grey vs. another grey, which makes the grand total 180 different configurations.”

'Notability' Becomes Freemium App With Optional Subscription in 11.0 Update

Ginger Labs announced on Monday that its note-taking app Notability is now free and a subscription unlocks the full features. The plan will cost US$14.99/year but users can get it for US$11.99 for a limited time. Previous Notability customers can continue using the app without interruption until November 1, 2022. Another feature: “With the release of Notability 11.0, for the first time ever users can publish notes publicly to the Notability Gallery and enjoy the creativity of the community. Gallery opens up unlimited possibilities for learning and sharing on the app—users can search for ideas on any topic and find inspiration from over 15 million Notability note takers across the globe.”

'Data Jar' App For Shortcuts Has Arrived on macOS Monterey

Data Jar is a Shortcuts-adjacent app that lets you store data for use in a shortcut as persistent key-value pairs. You can store text, numbers, booleans, lists, dictionaries, and files. This lets you read and update data directly from Shortcuts. As an example of how I use Data Jar, I have a shortcut that lets me rename a bunch of files at once. Some files are renamed sequentially and Data Jar helps me store the latest number for the files, and it gets updated with every new file I rename with it. It’s a great app, free for Mac and I personally recommend giving a big tip to the developer if you find Data Jar useful.

ChargerLAB Speed-tests iPhone 13 Pro Charging

Not long ago, ChargerLAB tested the charging speed of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The lab found the new iPhone could charge at 27W, compared to around 22W for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Since then, they’ve run the same tests on the iPhone 13 Pro. Paired with the right charging brick, the iPhone 13 Pro can recharge at up to 22W, the same as the previous generation. Apparently, only the iPhone 13 Pro Max got the speed boost.

Battery Buddy Makes Charging Your MacBook More Fun

Let’s face it, the default battery indicator on MacBooks is pretty boring. If you want to liven it up a bit, consider the terminally cute (and free) app Battery Buddy by Neil Sardesai. This indicator shows your MacBook’s battery charge using cute smiley faces. Fully charged, the indicator smiles at you, but he grows less happy and more sad as your battery drains. When you plug in, your little battery buddy gets a charging icon next to him.

The Slow Mo Guys Look at iPhone 13's 120hz ProMotion Display

The Slow Mo Guys are back with a new episode, and they compare the 120hz ProMotion display of the iPhone 13 Pro models to a 60hz display. The video was shot at 2,000 fps. The team shows the screen’s refresh rate in various apps as well as the camera feed. The iPhone 13 Pro refresh rate changes depending on what’s on the screen in order to save battery.

'NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition' Now Available to Play on Apple Arcade

NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition is the latest title in the world-renowned, best-selling NBA 2K series exclusively on Apple Arcade. Live your NBA dreams on the hardwood and run with today’s top stars like Luka Doncic, Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum, Zion Williamson, Anthony Davis, Rui Hachimura, Karl-Anthony Towns and more – in an authentic NBA 2K experience. Choose from your favorite NBA teams and take on competitors in Quick Match featuring updated 2022 NBA rosters. Compete head-to-head with a friend in Online Multiplayer mode, or play 3v3 street basketball in Blacktop mode.

Nanoleaf Lines Improve Decor Possibilities in Smart Lighting

Nanoleaf has been offering unique possibilities for blending smart lighting with home decor for years. Its latest product lineup, Nanoleaf Lines, gives you even more ways to light up your space. Each segment is 11 inches long and provides up to 20 lumens of brightness. You can set the lights to more than 16.9 million colors, and each segment has two color zones. This allows you to easily blend your color palette within your design. You can configure your Nanoleaf lines to sync with your music or Mac’s display. Nanoleaf Lines supports Apple HomeKit and also works as a Thread border router, allowing you to extend the reach of your smart home network without additional hubs. The starter kit, retailing for $199.99, comes with 9 light lines, a controller, a power supply, and everything else you need to get started. Expansion packs provide you 3 more light lines for $69.99. The smart lights are available for preorder now, with shipping expected in late November 2021.

AdGuard for Mac Supports M1, macOS Monterey, adds DNS Filtering

AdGuard for Mac has a new update, and it brings DNS filtering, support for Apple Silicon, and compatibility with macOS Monterey. “From now you needn’t rely on a DNS server provided by your ISP by default, you have the luxury of making choices — cherry-pick DNS servers from known DNS providers or even add custom DNS servers. You can also add domains to DNS blocklist or allowlist and add complicated rules using DNS rules syntax.”

Bring Dark Mode to all Websites With 'Noir' Safari Extension

Noir is an iOS | iPadOS 15 extension that generates a custom dark style for each website you visit, based on the colors that are used on a page. You won’t even notice this happening in the background – that’s how fast it is – but you’ll certainly appreciate the end result: a beautiful dark mode tailored for each website, where contrast is preserved and highlights still pop. Noir works with any website you visit in Safari, automatically. By default, Noir is linked to your device’s Dark Mode, so websites will only go dark when you want them to. But you can easily customize this to your liking, even per website.

The iPhone 13 Candy Catapult Case

I’ve been thinking about getting a 3D printer for quite some time, and now I may have the perfect excuse. While waiting for his iPhone 13 Pro Max to be delivered, Matty Benedetto designed and produced his own custom case. Benedetto, over the past two years, has “designed and fully prototyped over 280 new inventions that solve problems that don’t exist”. I think Benedetto has cited the problem of the boring phone case with this one, though. This case actually stores pieces of candy, which it dispenses through old-school pinball mechanics. If designing and crafting something like this isn’t a good enough excuse to buy a 3D printer, I don’t know what is.

'GRID Autosport' Gets More Game Controls in New Update

Feral Interactive has released a new update for GRID Autosport on iOS and Android, with a focus on further refining the game’s control options. Leading the pack is Arrow Touch Pro – a much-requested alternative layout for Arrow Touch steering that enables the use of manual acceleration. Following close behind is the brand new, fully-customisable Throttle Slider, allowing players to set their acceleration with pinpoint precision. This patch also adds full support for the latest DualSense and Xbox Series X|S wireless controllers, as well as language support for Traditional Chinese.

This Case for Beats Studio Buds is Waterproof and Drop Proof

Along with protective cases for AirTag, Catalyst has also launched a waterproof and drop proof case for Beats Studio Buds. They feature Catalyst’s iconic one-piece curved design that have become a signature for the brand since the first case for AirPods was designed and released in 2017. Now that design has been adapted to perfectly fit the new Beats Studio Buds™. Each case for Beats Studio Buds has sealing ribs to ensure it is waterproof up to 1M (3.3ft) and has MIL-STD-810G Drop Protection. This silicone case maintains a sophisticated look and the colorways of the cases perfectly compliment the new device. Each Waterproof and Drop Proof case for Beats Studio Buds comes with a free carabiner that easily hooks on to a belt, bag or purse for added security.

iFixit Shares New Teardown Wallpapers for iPhone 13 Pro Models

iFixit has recently shared teardown wallpapers for the iPhone 13 Pro | Pro Max. These wallpapers show the internals of the devices, including the remixed Face ID system, a combo digitizer and display, and a “parts replacement nightmare.” Apple has thoughtfully labeled your processor and the Pro-exclusive L-shaped battery text now has a chic minimalist look.

'Total War: ROME REMASTERED' Now Available for M1 Macs

On Thursday, Feral Interactive announced that Total War: ROME REMASTERED is now available on the Mac App Store, complete with native support for Apple silicon. A rebirth of the genre-defining strategy game, ROME REMASTERED comes with an extensive graphical overhaul and improvements to almost every aspect of gameplay. High definition models, textures and visual effects bring the game world to life on modern displays, with 4K optimization, ultra-widescreen and UHD resolution setting the stage for empires to rise again. Also included are two expansion packs which have been given the same remastering treatment as the main game. Recreate history’s most ambitious military campaign in Alexander, or re-write history as marauders encroach on the gates of Rome in Barbarian Invasion.