Review: DreameBot D10 Plus Lets You Put Some of Your Housework on Autopilot

DreameBot D10 Plus

With as busy as our lives have become, housework can sometimes get the better of us. We’ve got so much going on, both in and out of the house, that just trying to keep up with simple tasks like mopping and vacuuming can become overwhelming. Let’s take a look at how the DreameBot D10 Plus can help with that.

The Robot Vacuum That Cleans Up After Itself

Robot vacuums definitely help keep housework under control, but they often need to be emptied after every use. With the DreameBot D10 Plus, that’s not the case. Not only does it have a larger-than-average dustbin, but it empties itself.

The D10 Plus’s auto-empty function lets you put your robot vacuum on autopilot, without needing to empty its dust bin each time it runs. When the vacuum returns to its charging station, the devices automatically empties itself into a 2.5L bag. The leading competitor’s collection bag is only 1.7L, so DreameBot’s is 32% larger.

You could find yourself needing to dump out that bag as seldom as 8 times in a year. The bag is sealed to keep dust from going back into the air, so all you have to do is dump it into the trash can when it’s full.

Advanced Navigation and Mapping Make the DreameBot D10 Plus One of the Most Intelligent Robot Vacuums

DreameBot has built plenty of other technology into the D10 Plus. It offers LiDAR navigation, mapping out your home in a single pass with ease. The robot vacuum also supports multiple floors, so you can just carry it upstairs and set it to work there.

The motor offers powerful suction, with a multi-surface and anti-tangle brush that easily picks up debris both large and small. The Roomba i3+ offers a maximum of 2,000Pa of suction, while Shark’s RV1001AE IQ provides 2,700Pa max suction power. The D10 Plus, on the other hand, maxes out at 4,000Pa.

I have three dogs in the home, and it does a great job of keeping their shed fur up off the floor. The vacuum can detect whether it’s on carpet or a non-carpeted surface, adjusting the suction as required.

The only drawback I’ve found is that longer tufts of fur, such as from my boxer-shepherd, will actually tangle in the brush. Cleaning it regularly does help, but detracts somewhat from the convenience of having it just run on autopilot until it’s time to empty the bag on the base station.

Combining Vacuuming and Mopping In One Device

The other benefit to the DreameBot D10 Plus is the customized mopping capability. You can choose from three water volume options, letting you control water usage and mop dampness according to how dirty the floor is.

Of course, you really shouldn’t use the DreameBot D10 Plus with floor cleaners. That being said, the robot is great for more frequent cleanings between mopping with cleaning detergents.

The water tank holds 145mL of water, allowing you to mop fairly large sections of your floor with just one use.

Take Control of Your Robot Vacuum With the App or Your Voice

DreameBot’s app is where you’ll set up everything. You can easily manage your maps, defining different zones or rooms along with “no-go” areas that are off-limits. The app also gives you insight into required maintenance, such as how full the dust collection bin is or when one of the brushes might be due for replacement.

While you can use the app to schedule automated cleaning, you can also use voice commands to start a vacuuming or mopping cycle. The app works with Alexa and Hey Google. No Siri support, yet, but precious few robot vacuums do come with that.

Final Thoughts on the DreameBot D10 Plus

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum that lets you “set it and forget it” for a month or so, you can hardly go wrong with the D10 Plus. Of course, your mileage may vary if you have medium- or long-haired dogs depositing their floof everywhere.

Despite that limitation, this is a solid performer in a market niche becoming increasingly cluttered with poor-functioning knockoffs. The DreameBot D10 Plus usually retails for $499.99, but a 20% discount (at the time of this writing) brings that down to just $399.99.

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