Adobe Announces Feature Roadmap for Photoshop for iPad

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Just in time after my negative review, Adobe has announced a feature roadmap for Photoshop for iPad. Here are features coming in 2019: Access all Adobe Fonts on iOS; Select Subject using machine learning; Cloud documents that will only save incremental changes to speed up the process. Here are features coming in the first half of 2020: Refine Edge; Curves and Adjustment Layer options; Brush sensitivity and Rotate Canvas; Lightroom integration.

Your experience, your feedback and your point of view has always been a critical part of our process, and we take that very seriously as we chart a path forward with the iPad.

Adobe font integration is great, but I’m not able to install fonts from outside their ecosystem.

WRAPS Wearable Charge and Sync MFi Lightning Cable: $14.44

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We have a deal on a wearable Lightning cable. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird, but the WRAPS MFi Lightning cable is designed to be worn around your wrist as a bracelet. The company’s promo video below shows how it works. The WRAPS cable is $16.99 through our deal, but promo code BFSAVE15 brings it down to $14.44 at checkout.

Lots of Android Apps Contain Old Security Flaws

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Underlying security flaws from code copied from code libraries are in thousands of apps, according to new research from cybersecurity firm CheckPoint. Wired reported that it is causing big problems on Android.

“There are a lot of vulnerabilities out there in applications,” says Yaniv Balmas, head of cyber research at Check Point. “Some of these vulnerabilities are not specifically in applications, but they are found in code libraries. Modern applications use dozens or hundreds of these libraries to operate.” Code libraries (often known as software libraries) allow developers without expertise in specific areas, such as Java Script, to use code that’s already been created. Researchers at Check Point say they have identified existing code libraries that contained vulnerabilities and then compared them to apps scraped from the Play Store. The company says it regularly checks Android apps for its security teams to look for current threats.

Tim Cook Thinks it is Unlikely iPhone Will Ever be Made in U.S.

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Tim Cook has indicated that is unlikely that the iPhone will ever be completely built in the U.S. However, speaking to ABC News, he pointed out many components are already made there.

When asked why he still builds the iPhone in China, Cook said, “The way I think about it is, the iPhone is made everywhere.” “If you look at the glass of the iPhone, which everybody touches all day long, that glass is made in Kentucky. If you were to take apart the iPhone you would see many of the silicone components that are made in the United States as well,” he added. “The iPhone is the product of a global supply chain.”

All Major Carriers to Have 5G by 2020, Predicts Qualcomm President

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5G graphic (mesh)

All major carriers are going to have 5G networks by 2020, Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon told Yahoo Finance. Given we’re mere weeks away from the new year, that seems a bold prediction. I assume he meant the carriers will have the capability at some point in 2020, not right at the start.

Next-generation 5G wireless connectivity is coming — in fact, it’s available now in some small pockets in major U.S. cities right now. According to Qualcomm (QCOM) President Cristiano Amon, the successor to our current 4G LTE wireless networks will be up and running in all metropolitan areas by next year. “We are at the very beginning of a new technology transition, and like with every technology transition, networks have to be built, you have to have coverage,” Amon told Yahoo Finance’s On The Move on Wednesday. “However, what is great about this time is that we accelerated 5G by a year, and the device ecosystem is ready.” But it will take time before 5G reaches the ubiquity of today’s 4G LTE connections.

This Trick Might Save Your AirPods’ Battery Life

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Redditor u/smakusdod proposes a trick that could help with your AirPods’ battery life. It involves resetting the AirPods case and draining the batteries of both the AirPods and the case to re-calibrate the battery life measurement system.

I completely reset the AirPods case (holding down the white button on the back for 10+ seconds), and re-paired them with my iPhone. I then completely drained both AirPods down to zero, and the case itself down to zero through normal usage. Then, I put the dead AirPods into the dead case, and charged them both up to 100%.

At some point over the weekend I’ll try this to see what happens. My AirPods haven’t significantly lost battery life, but I have noticed one Pod has a slightly lower maximum charge than the other one.

VSCO Redesigned its Feed to ‘Slow Your Scroll’

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Photo app VSCO has redesigned its feed so that images are bigger. You’ll see single images at a time, instead of the old style where each image was smaller and alternated.

We believe this redesign will help you explore your VSCO feed in a new way, allowing the subtleties of each image to be front and center as you scroll. At VSCO, creative expression often starts with inspiration and sometimes that requires taking the time to appreciate the details as much as the complete work itself.

I think it’s an improvement and I’m glad to see it.

Mozilla Unveils 2019 Privacy Not Included Gift Guide

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Mozilla announced its third annual 2019 *Privacy Not Included gift guide to highlight gadgets and toys that are secure, and ones that aren’t secure.

This year we found that many of the big tech companies like Apple and Google are doing pretty well at securing their products, and you’ll see that most products in the guide meet our Minimum Security Standards. But don’t let that fool you. Even though devices are secure, we found they are collecting more and more personal information on users, who often don’t have a whole lot of control over that data.

Google doing well at securing its products.

Disney+ Could Rocket to 60 Million Subscribers Sooner Than Expected

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Disney+ logo

Disney+ gained 10 million subscribers on its first day and the service’s growth shows no sign of slowing down. Variety reported that it could hit its target of 60 million subscribers by 2022, two years earlier than its aiming for.

Expectations were already enormous ahead of the launch. Disney Plus was largely expected to accrue about 8 million users across the seven remaining weeks in calendar 2019 — but not 10 million in one day. Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives believes that at its current pace, Disney could hit its 2024 goal of 60 million to 90 million global streaming subscribers potentially two years earlier than targeted. That would mark admirably aggressive growth. For context, streaming market leader Netflix boasts more than 60 million subscribers in the U.S. and 158 million worldwide, a base built over the last 12 years or so. Ives’ estimates suggest Disney could get within spitting distance of a nine-figure subscriber base in just three years.

Some Google Stadia is Having Problems

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Google Stadia opened up preorders for its subscription gaming service on June 6th. However, The Verge reported that some so-called ‘Founders’ who pre-ordered the service are having issues getting in.

Though Stadia is now live, many buyers are reporting they haven’t received the most crucial piece of the entire Stadia package: the invite email that opens the door to actually let them in. Many on Stadia’s official Discord server are performing what they’re calling a “code check” to let others know whether their codes have been sent, and whether their devices have actually been shipped. Others are reporting the usernames they wanted are already taken.

Spotify Free Tier Coming to Alexa, Sonos, And Bose Devices

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Spotify’s free tier is coming to Alexa powered devices. It will also work on Sonos and Bose devices, Techcrunch reported. Previously only those with a premium subscription could access their music on such speakers.

In the case of Alexa devices, like Amazon Echo speakers or the Fire TV, users will be able to ask Alexa to play Spotify’s playlist, like “Today’s Top Hits,” or their personalized playlist, “Discover Weekly,” among others. The service can also be set as the default, so you can use commands like “Play my Discover Weekly,” “Like this song,” or “Pause,” and more, without having to say “on Spotify.” Meanwhile, on Sonos and Bose speakers, users can set up Spotify Connect from the Spotify app. This works with Bose smart speakers and soundbars, as well as all Sonos smart speakers, including the new indoor/outdoor speaker Sonos Move and the Symfonisk IKEA WiFi Speaker, integrated with the Sonos Home Sound System.

Humans Place in Suspended Animation for First Time

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Humans have been placed in suspended animation for the first time, in a technique called emergency preservation and resuscitation (EPR).

EPR involves rapidly cooling a person to around 10 to 15°C by replacing all of their blood with ice-cold saline. The patient’s brain activity almost completely stops. They are then disconnected from the cooling system and their body – which would otherwise be classified as dead – is moved to the operating theatre.

A surgical team then has 2 hours to fix the person’s injuries before they are warmed up and their heart restarted. Tisherman says he hopes to be able to announce the full results of the trial by the end of 2020.

Years ago I remember reading in Popular Science of experiments like this involving dogs. It’s amazing that it’s moving to the human stage.

‘Settlers of Catan’ Could be Niantic’s Next AR Game

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Niantic has had two popular AR games on its hands in the form of Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. What possibly be next? Maybe Settlers of Catan.

Late last month, the company behind Catan said during a board games conference in Germany that it was working on a “upcoming massively multiplayer location based game” (albeit with no mention of Niantic). Called Catan: World Explorers, they noted that it “transforms the entire Earth into one giant game of CATAN”.

BONDIC Pocket 3D Liquid Plastic Welding Kit: $14.99

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We have a deal on a different kind of product today, the Bondic Pocket 3D liquid plastic welding kit. This liquid plastic that only hardens when you apply an included UV light to it, allowing you to cure it only when you want. The company says it’s a four step process: clean, fill, cure and shape to fix almost anything. Check out the promo video below to see it in action. It’s $14.99 through our deal.

Apple's Very Parental App Store Decisions

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When Apple banned 24 vaping apps from the App Store recent, lots of people were happy. The Macalope wasn’t. He explained why in his Macworld column.

For now those who have installed the apps can continue to use them, but in the long term developers have no way to deliver updates that could provide bug fixes or firmware updates. It’s worth pointing out that the canisters that did contain cyanide were counterfeit. The Macalope just checked his local liquor store and we haven’t banned alcohol sales because prison wine blinded some people. He also checked the App Store and we haven’t banned mixology apps, either. But one of the apps Apple banned actually checked canisters to see if they were counterfeit. (Tip o’ the antlers to Ben Thompson’s piece on this subject.) It’s very temping to make lifestyle judgements. We have waged a long war with the tobacco industry (which stands to benefit from banning vaping, by the way), so seeing young people vaping nicotine is concerning. But lots of choices adults make can be concerning.


The EU's Battle With Big Tech is Only Just Beginning

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The EU’s executive, the EU Commission, has increasingly turned its attention on Big Tech in recent times. It fined Apple $14.5 billion in 2016, and is looking at alleged competition issues around the Walle App.  At the center of it all is competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager. The New York Times has a really good profile of her, picked up by Cult of Mac. It shows’ that the EU’s battle with Big Tech is only just beginning.

A New York Times article writes that Vestager “envisions a more aggressive agenda” for moderating the tech industry. It notes that: “Ms. Vestager, a 51-year-old former Danish lawmaker, is doubling down. She has signed on for a rare second five-year term as the head of the European Commission’s antitrust division, and assumed expanded responsibility over digital policy across the 28-nation bloc…” There are few specifics in the article, aside from the overall sense that Vestager is looking to double-down on her moderating of tech companies. The European Commission is already looking into a number of tech giants. This includes the question of whether Apple is abusing its marketplace position with the App Store.

Did Apple Maps Forget Michigan’s Upper Peninsula?

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The upgraded Apple Maps has been slowly rolling out across the United States this year. The team recently added some western and midwestern states to the redesign, including the lower peninsula of Michigan. But I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and don’t see the upgrade. No surprise there, because people often think the U.P. is part of Canada or Wisconsin. There’s even an entire subreddit dedicated to it. Since it looks like Wisconsin hasn’t gotten the upgrade either, I’m assuming Apple is in the latter camp.

In terms of area, this latest expansion is Apple’s largest yet……and it’s the second largest in terms of population. It also has arrived faster than almost all of the others.

Thousands of Disney+ Accounts Hacked and Being Sold Online

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Disney+ logo

Streaming glitches aren’t the only tech problems to have beset Disney+, it seems. ZDNet found that almost immediately thousands of users’ credentials were being sold online.

Two users who spoke with ZDNet on the condition we do not share their names admitted that they reused passwords. However, other users said online that they did not, and had used passwords unique for their Disney+ accounts. This suggests that in some cases hackers gained access to accounts by using email and password combos leaked at other sites, while in other cases the Disney+ credentials might have been obtained from users infected with keylogging or info-stealing malware. The speed at which hackers have mobilized to monetize Disney+ accounts is astounding. Accounts were put up for sale on hacking forums within hours after the service’s launch. As of this article’s writing, hacking forums have been flooded with Disney+ accounts, with ads offering access to thousands of account credentials.

Mimeo Photos Launches Photo Prints for Individual Shots

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I know I just wrote about Mimeo Photos yesterday in a review but they’re already back with a new product. Photo prints lets you print out individual photos as an alternative to making a photo book, card, or calendar.

21 Print sizes available in glossy and matte finishes. Standard, Large Format, and Panoramic options available. Available for delivery to North America. Europe coming soon.