Ajit Pai Calls Renewed Net Neutrality Efforts a Political Strategy

In a visit to New Jersey, FCC chairman Ajit Pai called Democrats’ net neutrality efforts a “political strategy.” (via Technical.ly).

[Democrats to Introduce ‘Save the Internet Act’ Wednesday]

Political Strategies

In 2017 Mr. Pai made promises that if America moved back to fewer regulations we would see big boosts in network investment, new jobs, and a “better, cheaper internet” for all.

image of ajit pai

Most people, I think, accurately view it as more of a political strategy, as opposed to solv[ing] a concrete problem. I don’t blame them — that’s what politicians in Washington do — but I am focused on what I think American consumers’ primary concern is: getting better, cheaper internet access, and that’s what the FCC’s been focused on so far.

So far, those promises have been empty. We haven’t seen new jobs or cheaper internet access. In fact, in some areas internet prices have risen.

[Ajit Pai Accused of Weakening Oversight of Cell Carriers]

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Pai is worthless like the clown in charge! Him removing Net Neutrality was also a political move because Trump wants to hand as much money to the big corporations as he can. Doesn’t care about who uses these services that aren’t in the top 1%.

John Kheit

Yea, “more competition” in industry run by government granted monopolies. Watch out everyone, big brain on Ajit there. 🙄


As if getting rid of net neutrality wasn’t a political decision.